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Leh Ladakh Tour: Best Time To Go

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The best time to go to Ladakh is during the summer season from the month of April to July. During this point temperature is between 15 to 30 degree Centigrade. Ladakh is understood for its extremely low temperatures most through the year. While it’s quite pleasant within the summertime, the winters are exceedingly cold and unforgiving. Well, therein case, naturally the simplest time to go to Ladakh is during the summers.

During the remaining part of the year, the Manali-Leh highway, which is the only means to succeed in Ladakh, remains non-functional. Although, there’s another route, which will be wont to reach the place. The Srinagar-Leh highway, it can get affected with landslides also .

However, the land of Ladakh has its own charm within the winters also. This is often the rationale why many of us. Especially the truly adventurous ones, seek to go to the place when it’s blanketed in snow. The Frozen River Trek, which is additionally one among the foremost famous and unique treks. It is additionally administered in winter, upping the thrill quotient within the travellers to go to Ladakh during this harsh but glorious period.

Ladakh during the Summer time (March- June)

While you ponder over and continuously believe the, you’d be happy to read through this piece of data that endures enlightening to the fullest regarding the favoured times to go to Ladakh alongside the simplest Season to go to Ladakh.

Why to go to now

Out of all the seasons, summer calls to be one among the simplest seasons. You can witness and luxuriate in the energising surrounding of the place to the fullest. At this season the snow seems to possess a softened rendering of spectacular buzz of sceneries. The late April showcases excellent changes. The Pangong Tso lake and therefore the Tso Moriri lake begin to melt fast. At this point considerably disclosing the spectacular hue and sight of the place. At this point Leh out causes beautiful weather endowing clear sky. You want to consider visiting places like Stongdey Monastery, Likir Monastery, Shey Monastery and Thiksey Monastery.

Know before you visit

Between April to mid of May there’s no heavy snowfall. Therefore the summer season slowly and steadily takes over the place completely. The travellers who aim to go to Ladakh during this time can look for homestays, hotels, places, and guesthouses on many online sites. This is also the best time for a Leh Ladakh bike trip. If you propose on visiting during this span of your time then you want to definitely choose flight booking as all the passes and therefore the roads to the place are usually blocked or aren’t open. However, though it’s summer time the weather at this point isn’t warm or sunny.

The beginning of the seven to 10 days within the month of June isn’t meant for travelling purposes to Ladakh as most of the roads at this point are blocked. At this point , if you would like to visit Ladakh, you definitely want to choose flight as this is often the simplest option if you would like to travel. The main airport within the area to go to during the summer season is the KushokBakulaRimpochee Airport. Also, within the mid of this point , the travellers must surely visit the highway in between Srinagar and Leh. This is often the highway that is still open at this point of the year.

If you would like to go to Ladakh by road during this point then you want to consider going from the Valley of Kashmir via Kargil. It is a distance of 434 kilometres. This is often the route that is still open from the first month of June to the month of November. Finally, the longest road route that’s a few distance of 4 hundred and seventy-three kilometres, the Manali-Leh road route is open within the middle of June and remains open until early October.

Ladakh during the Monsoon time (July-August)


Monsoons in Ladakh are as harsh and untoward as winters, if less . The air is crisp, blue and typically clear. Beginning in July, monsoons in Ladakh don’t last long, and whatever little rainfall that the world receives is usually within the sort of heavy but short-lived downpours.

Why you ought to visit now

The weather is refreshing and excellent for outings. It’s also an excellent time for adventure activities like white-water rafting which may be indulged in at Indus and Zanskar rivers. The amount from May to October is additionally an exquisite time for the various treks organised within the area, especially the Kang Yatse trek, Markha Valley trek and therefore the one from Spituk to Stok.

Know before you visit

The place is infamous for infrequent incidents of landslides and cloudbursts during this era . At this point of the year, roads, especially the Manali-Leh highway can become hard to traverse. Thanks to washing off of the narrow road or landslides due to rains.

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