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Types of integrated law courses and their benefits

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Law courses are designed to meet the industry requirements. Professionals are taught certain subjects and trained before they join the sector in a defined curriculum. It enables the sector to create efficient law professionals that match the criteria perfectly.

The law courses are developed and upgraded based on the current requirement. The subjects are upgraded based on the syllabus decided by the education board. The board oversees the condition of the sector and finds out what changes are to be made in the curriculum to make students more efficient. This syllabus is then followed by the top LLB colleges in Lucknow. When you study a law course, you will understand how it makes you capable of entering this field gradually.

Integrated courses for dual certification

The law courses conducted in a college are generally integrated in nature. This is an innovative type of course where students can pursue two bachelor’s degree courses at the same time. As per the Indian education system, a law aspirant will have to complete a bachelor’s course to become eligible for pursuing a law course. This is why two courses are conducted at the same time. There are three different courses offered in the best college for LLB.

  1.     BA LLB
  2.     B.Com LLB
  3.     BBA LLB

As you can see, the bachelor’s course taught with the law course has three options. You can either choose an art, commerce, or business administration course. it entirely depends on the choices you make.

All these courses have a curriculum of 5 years. It gives a competitive edge to the students. If you observe carefully, the courses individually will take 6 years to complete. Hence, you will save a year by pursuing an integrated law course in any discipline.

Benefits of pursuing an integrated law course

An integrated law course offers excellent benefits to the candidates who are willing to become lawyers someday.

1. Time saving

As mentioned earlier, candidates will be able to save a year while pursuing an integrated law course. Consider it as a competitive advantage. Pupils pursuing courses individually will have to spend at least 6 years to become certified lawyers. Hence, saving a year will keep you a step ahead. You can use it to pursue an advanced degree in any field you prefer.

Saving a year will also allow you to reduce your course fees considerably. You will also get a year ahead to start your career. Joining the industry one year before the rest will help you gain experience in the field. You can also use this experience to understand the industry and find out the required skills needed to be developed or sharpened. The top LLB colleges in Lucknow develop required skills among the students.

2. Two-degree certificates at the same time

You can choose the perfect combination of two bachelor’s courses considering your career choices. If you want to become adept as a business lawyer, pursue a BBA LLB program and then proceed to pursue an LLM degree for specialization. If you want to work as a family lawyer then BA LLB will be the ideal choice. In a nutshell, you will get two degrees at the end of a course.

What to do to become a lawyer?

To utilize these benefits, choose the best college for LLB to study an integrated course.  Make a list of the top names you can find in the state. Consider all the parameters such as location, course fees, scholarship, infrastructure, faculty, etc. to join a college. Focus on the curriculum and find out which subject will be ideal for specialization. This is how you can become a lawyer.

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