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Questions to Ask When Choosing a Target Audience on Instagram

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Instagram is a massive platform that has a target audience from all locations of the world. No one area is available on earth of which people don’t know about Instagram. That’s why it has over 1.74 billion user’s who spend their time using this platform. As Instagram successfully capturing that much amount of audience  , it it opens the door of opportunities for Businesses to grow themselves. They started registering on Instagram, and they also used to buy UK Instagram followers to show their visibility at the start of their journey.

After purchasing followers for their account, they must have to adopt some good and effective marketing strategies. Most people use that strategy and stand their ground among strong competitors. Moreover, it can also help you to target the right audience if you really want to increase the growth of your business. The audience is the one that can help to increase your sales by becoming your followers or customers. It is much necessary that you pay much attention to them.

So to choose the right audience for your business, there are a few questions that you must ask. Here is the list of that question and why it is necessary.

Personal Demographics

Personal demographics are the first thing that comes into mind when businesses start marketing their business. They have a mind and image of their audience and their age whether this product belongs to them or not. Most companies deal with products for a specific age people who can use it. So if you are dealing with a product for the age of 35 and can people age of 45 can use it? The difference of some years is not counted, but if you have a limitation with that age, then you have to target an audience of just 35.

Some of the questions that are frequently asked by businesses for personal demographics fo customers are as follows:

  • What is the age of the audience that you want to make customers for your business?
  • Are they male that have to use your products or they are female?
  • How much are they earning per year or a monthly average of their earning?
  • Are they in a relationship or single?
  • Where are they located?

Must know about these questions.

Company Demographics

As we have mentioned above, some most common questions about individual customers, but if you are dealing with b2b, it means you don’t have to pay attention to individuals. On the other hand, if you are a b2b company, then you do not have to pay attention to individuals. But know about company. So here is a list of few questions that you must ask a company who is going to be your target for business purposes:

  • What industry do they actually belong to?
  • What are the numbers of workers or employees that are working with them?
  • Do they use to sell their businesses product online by using different source like social media platforms, or do they have a Physical store?
  • What is the revenue average of their company per year?

These entire questions will let you know about the company’s important information, and you can work accordingly to it.

Values and Motivation

In this section, you have to know about your customers and what makes their minds take action or make a purchase. Know about the customers in detail so that you can convert their minds as a visitor to customers. To make this happen, you must know about these questions to ask:

What is so important to your customers or people that you are targeting to make your customers?

  • What are the emotions or any kind of strong words that motivate them to change their decision?
  • Are there any objectives and goals for the target audience?
  • What are the fears or situations where they lack?
  • Challenges they use to face in their daily routine?
  • What are the problems they are facing and looking for a solution to get rid of that situation?
  • Try to examine that what are their needs that they are looking for and you need to full fill?
  • What are the things that catch them back once they leave?
  • How can the product you are dealing with make their lives easier and better than they are living?


Instagram is a huge platform that has different types of audiences and businesses choose to target as per their requirements. They used to buy UK Instagram followers and then used to spend their time among the audience they wanted to target. To make your business get on the top, you have to target the right audience by knowing their requirements. There are different types of questions that you must have to ask about your audience that you are about to target for your business that you are dealing with. List of some questions we have mentioned above in this article you can read it, and it will help you.

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