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9 Animation Types Available For Mobile Apps 

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When designing an interface with users in mind and the goal of giving them a satisfying interaction experience, animation is essential. It may improve the naturalness of interactions between users and the application.

Not only is this a beautiful treat, but it’s also a chance to tackle several significant responsibilities. For a mobile application, animation may be the icing on the cake. Users are always appreciative of this type of enhancement.

You must be aware of your alternatives so that you may choose the best implementation strategy. The nine fundamental categories of mobile app UI animation that are shown below should help you come up with creative concepts for your product. 

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Animations on Swipe

One of the most popular ways to interact with mobile devices is to “swipe” your finger from one side to the other. The user may understand immediately from such animation that what he is doing would affect the main screen of the application.

Developers have included swipe animation into a wide range of available smartphone applications. When not in use, it may be almost undetectable, yet the user will undoubtedly sense its absence.

First encounter

Animation may be a useful feature for acquainting users with the app during their first interactions. The key is interaction, which is much easier to grasp than any written explanation or film. Keep in mind that you only have one opportunity to create a good impression, so you should seize it while you can.

Even if your product has a more sophisticated structure than others, you may still get more user interaction by taking the time to explain the app’s functional capabilities to consumers right away.

Modification in Function

This kind of animation illustrates how a particular piece changes in response to user interaction, helping the user understand how the app functions.

Icons, buttons, and other little design components are the main uses for it. Given the small screen size of mobile applications, this is crucial.

Visual Criticism and Illustration 


When someone performs an activity, they naturally want to be validated, and this is known as visual feedback. People are happy to feel as if they comprehend the current situation. Furthermore, this is a crucial component of any user interface.

In the actual world, we are used to receiving input that is tactile, auditory, or both. It also makes perfect sense that this desire would extend to the digital world. It is evident from an element motion on the screen that the application is reacting to the user’s activity.

Transitions with Meaning

Animation is a powerful tool for attention management since it can smoothly and easily distinguish between two different visual states. It functions as a kind of bridge between various interface states, assisting the user in determining what to pay attention to and how things are really going. 


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Elements in Hierarchy

Users may see the outcome of their activities and understand the cause-and-effect relationship with the aid of animation. Although every interface piece serves a distinct function, they are all related in some fashion. It is crucial to depict their interactions with one another as a result.

Condition of a Work in Progress

Certain tasks need a certain amount of time to finish, therefore if you don’t update the user on the status of the activity, he can believe that the software has crashed or that the system has “got stuck.” Using animation, this is accomplished without any issues.

For instance, you must show progress as files are downloaded, messages are received, or data is processed so that the user’s estimation of the remaining time is improved.

Positioning in Three Dimensions

Because of their extensive functionality and often intricate structure, some applications are not able to provide the most straightforward navigation. In these situations, you may utilize the animation to indicate to the user where the required navigation item is so he will know where to look the next time.

Laugh-Out Animations

A mobile application’s animation may be utilized to set the mood as well as encourage participation. You may increase consumer enjoyment, arouse certain feelings, and encourage the development of a recognizable brand in this manner.

There are many instances of intriguing objects that draw attention only by taking an unconventional approach to commonplace tasks. 

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Eight Uses for Animation in Mobile Apps 


Not only can animation enhance the user experience of the mobile app, but it also has sufficient significant attributes that allow you to use it into your products:

orient people in their surroundings; provide a greater degree of clarity; give the user insightful feedback;
Strengthen the hierarchy of elements; Tell users where to concentrate; Provide hints for the next step;
seamlessly move people across the contexts of navigation;
Describe modifications to the way items are arranged on a screen.
We hope that the information included above will help you identify potential applications for animation in your goods.

In summary 


At Linkitsoft, mobile app with well-considered animation conveys a feeling of completion. Paying close attention to details is essential for success as it enables seamless and pleasurable human-digital interaction.

It is important that people understand how to engage with each interface element, what to do next, and why doing so is necessary. The expectations of the audience these days are rising all the time, and you have to keep up with them. 



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