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5 Best Souvenirs to Make the Travel Memories Unforgettable

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Travel is all about experiences and memories, right? We might take dozens of pictures in front of the famous landmarks and sights but after many years what we remember vividly are the experiences and stories from these trips. It’s natural that we want to keep our travel memories alive, so we can cherish them after a while. One way to do so is to pick up some of the best souvenirs from each of our trip. This way we not only keep our travel memories alive, but we create the collection of these souvenirs in a cool way.

In this article, we will give you some of the very best souvenir ideas, that you can start collecting once you are on your next trip.

Fridge Magnets

The first place in the list goes to fridge magnets. They are one of the most popular types of souvenirs, when it comes to buying some memorabilia on vacations. The main advantage of the magnets is that they are cheap and comes into different designs. Besides, they are small and light, which means that you won’t have any problems to take them back to your country. Another perk of the magnets is that they create a very beautiful installations on your fridge, while keeping your memories alive.

Shot Glasses

Shot Glasses are another popular type of souvenirs. Unlike Fridge magnets they have not only aesthetical, but practical meaning too. If you are alcohol-enthusiast who loves collecting different types of alcohol, maybe collecting shot glasses from different countries is another great way to fulfill your collection.

One shortcoming of collecting the shot glasses is that after a while they take up a lot of space, so make sure you have a proper shelves or display cases, where you can put them out.


These are my favorite types of souvenirs when it comes to traveling. I usually buy several postcards and write some inspirational or friendly messages, so I can give them to my friends too. Usually, postcards feature some of the very best sightseeing of the cities. This means that there is a high chance to find one with the print of the place that has a special meaning for you.


We all have seen the scaled models of Eiffel Tower, Colosseum or Sagrada Familia. They can be great addition to your travel collection if you have enough space at home to properly accommodate them. One problem with collecting the figurines is that they are quite heavy and very fragile. This means that you should be extra safe once you put them in your backpack to take them back home.

Backpack Patches

Patches are another favorite of mine. I always try to get the ones that feature the flag of the country as well as one specific sight or landmark that I liked the most. This is especially great idea for those who love backpack traveling. You can simply put the patches on the backpack and witness how their quantity raises overtime more you travel.

Conclusion: Some Other Souvenir Ideas

Some other souvenirs that you can get from your trip includes: T-Shirts with different prints of the country, key chains, currency, snow globes and even jewelry. In fact, anything that brings you the memories of your past travels can be a souvenir. Even used ticket of the museum. So, before you pick up one certain type of souvenirs, think what kind of collection do you want to have and how are you going to display them. Once you have answers on these questions, you are good to go. In the meanwhile, if you are planning on your next vacations already, make sure that you are aware of the updated EU entry regulations and ETIAS system.

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