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Reasons For Using A Meditation Pillow

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The benefits that Meditation can give are innumerable. Ever since its discovery, the practice has spread albeit intermittently. Nevertheless, many people swear by how life-changing Meditation has proven to be for them. Top Founders of companies, CEOs, sportspersons, and celebrities meditate to keep their minds sane. 

Regardless of how flexible one might be, one can find themselves using a meditation pillow at some point. A meditation pillow is a cushion that supports our pelvic region when we are sitting cross-legged. Some or the other form of cushioning has always been in use by some very proficient yogis or gurus who can meditate in the toughest of terrains. A zafu is one of the examples of such meditation pillows. There are a few reasons why you would want to use a meditation pillow. These are as follows:

For Comfort

The first and foremost reason why a meditation pillow is used by many is that it provides comfort. Not that it helps you sleep off during meditation but, it works as a soft enough base to keep your body in shape for meditation. These cushions are usually made up of materials like buckwheat or cotton which make them soft and allow them to take the shape of the body. This way, we find ourselves in a much more comfortable state.

Comfort is supreme because sitting is because if our muscles and bones are not on a well-supported base then it can become a bad experience where our back hurts or legs become numb. When we get a good meditation pillow, our body becomes relaxed better which helps us concentrate on our meditation rather than the instability caused by improper kadıköy escort sitting.

For Correcting Posture

To meditate attentively one must be sitting in a proper posture with his or her back straight. There are two ways of meditating, in a cross-legged position or kneeling. Both positions help in keeping the back straight. However, one can slouch as the session progresses. So, if a meditation pillow is used it helps elevate your hip bones so as to push them to make your spine more erect. You will feel naturally elevated and your posture is accurate. When your posture is straight then you can channel energy inwards and meditate peacefully. Sitting with a straight back will give you the maximum benefits of meditation.

For Reducing Pain

For many simply sitting can cause pains in the back, legs, pelvis, et al. Likewise, sitting for a meditation session can become even more painful to them. Here is when the meditation cushion or pillow can be a godsend. It provides just enough support to make your muscles relax and less strained during sitting. Thus, we can say that using a meditation pillow can reduce pain to a lot of extents.

For Flexibility

Sitting down on the floor may not be for everyone. It is especially true for those who are habituated to sitting on a chair or seat or someone who has medical conditions. Even pregnant women can find it difficult to sit cross-legged easily. For such people, it takes a few more minutes to get into the right asana before beginning meditation. What they can do is take a meditation pillow or zafu and sit on it. This will help them sit comfortably for the duration of the session. Slowly and gradually they can get accustomed to the asana and maybe do it on their own after some time. 

Not just sitting but for kneeling too this cushion can help a lot. Apart from this, there are many other asanas that are difficult for any newbie. For example, the bridge pose is a difficult type of asana where you bend your knees with your legs and feet parallel to each other, all while you are on your back. Your hands should touch the heels of your feet. This pose can be difficult thus you can add a meditation pillow right below your back to give extra support for your spine. Once you get the hang of it, you can start removing the pillow and doing the asana on your own.

For Concentration

The whole idea of sitting down in meditation is to concentrate but, sitting can at times become quite challenging. Sitting can cause discomfort because of the numbness in the feet due to pressure that gets exerted by the pelvis on your leg and feet. All these distractions take away your will to meditate and take away your attention. So, when you are using a meditation pillow for support, it takes care of your body by supporting it in the right way and thus, you can concentrate well on your meditation. As we have seen, a meditation pillow gives us more than enough reasons to use in the practice of meditation.

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