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Acai Bowls for a Perfect Breakfast

Acai Bowls

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Want something refreshing and fruity this summer?

Then grab the acai berries.

A packet of juice cannot beat the thirst for natural fruit. Although brands consider all of the fruit flavors to be added to their juices. Still, you can’t find a hundred percent authentic brand that adds contains natural ingredients. Summers demand drinks, juices, fruits, and green vegetables.

Everything that can resist the heat. People focus on drinking more than eating food. Other juices can only be used as a normal liquid. It contains a high ratio of sugar. You can believe that drinking such drinks will cause health issues. Therefore, we suggest you to have acai bowls every morning for a fresh and healthy start of your day.

Consuming natural things from nature is great for your health, body, brain, and everything. Refraining from natural products initially doesn’t do anything. With time, they start disturbing your health.

All the damage is made to your healthy inner body. That is why they aren’t visible to the outer appearance. You can see around you that the elderly people are still more stable than the younger ones.

They have good health than them. Because of the diet, the intake. As they have consumed more natural fruits, vegetables, meat, and much more. Some medicines companies, use these berries for taking multivitamins and other supplements.

Why to consume Acai bowls

As they are fruits, so they will definitely, accelerate the functioning of the stomach and its digestive system. Your skin and outer appearance get better by their consumption. They contain abundant of minerals and nutrients

Appearance of the berries

The berries are small and round. Their size varies from a few centimeters only. The purplish, magenta and blackish are its shades. A fat seed lies in the middle of the berries. Most of the space of the berry is occupied by its seed. Its taste is not sweet but extremely bitter. Some have a mildly bitter taste.

Recipe of the Acai bowls

A dish is full of nutrients, vitamins, energy, and minerals. You can have the berries in raw form. But they will not taste so good. Their consumption can be achieved in the form of puree or juice extraction. Further, the recipe won’t require very expensive ingredients. It is made from the available fruits in your house. Fruits, sauces, nuts, and other things are added for the topping purpose.

Normally, fruits contain high natural sugars, but the berries have a low amount. Other fruit juices need fresh or normal temperature fruits. But the specialty of this dish is the usage of freeze form of berries. Buy the frozen ones or make the fresh ones freeze.

Particularly, add other fruits of seasons. Similarly, like mango, bananas, strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries in a jug. Then, add about half a liter of milk to it and turn the machine on. Consistency should be moderate not too runny. People sometimes add scoops of yogurt in it.

Pour the smoothie into glasses or cups. Further, decorate the bowls with nuts, fruit slices, flex seeds, syrups, etc. healthy acai bowls contain only fruits and no other eatables.

Healthy Acai Bowl breakfast

Fruits make breakfast nutritious. A smoothie of acai berries is a complete portion of the meal. As they have a few milligrams of sugar. All the sugar is natural. A high ratio of fiber is included in them. Also, it would prevent the accumulation of fats and excess carbohydrates in the body.

  • The addition of nuts, dry fruit, flex seeds, and chia seeds will satisfy you with healthiness
  • Then, adding yogurt to the smoothie enhances the proteins
  • Oatmeal’s contain enough fibrous content
  • Using whole milk, low-fat milk, coconut milk, or unsweetened milk can add variety to the smoothie

It prevents from gaining abnormal weight in the body. Also, it reduces the calorie content in the body.

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