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Modular Laboratories: A Leap Forward in Modular Construction Market

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Modular manufacturing has revolutionized the pharmaceutical industry by providing tech-driven solutions for research and development. With more therapeutic biologics such as cell-based therapies, gene therapies, and personalized medicines entering the market, biopharmaceutical companies have to increase manufacturing capacity while adhering to safety standards. Traditional laboratories have limitations, including high construction requirements and limited space availability, and often face regulatory compliance challenges. Modular laboratories emerge as a perfect solution to overcome the challenges faced by traditional laboratories.

Modular manufacturing requires limited space, is easy to assemble, allows better scalability, and, most importantly, provides a controlled environment that assures complete safety during drug testing and manufacturing. Further, the modular cleanrooms and laboratories are easy to install and support the safety regulation standards—making them an ideal for adhering to safety protocol during drug designing. The modular cleanrooms are designed with multiple facilities that allow purification, fermentation, and formulation all in one place, ensuring complete flexibility and scalability. With advances in the modular construction market, researchers are leveraging modern technology, including the installation of real-time tracking systems and highly efficient particulate air systems, to provide an optimized environment for drug discovery. Owing to its significance, it is anticipated that the modular construction market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 10%.

What Are Modular Laboratories?

Modular laboratories or modular cleanrooms are a type of prefabricated buildings that provide optimal security, a safe environment, hygiene, and versatility in drug development. The prefabricated laboratories boast technology and HEPA particles that help to eliminate the chances of contamination—enabling a safe place to scale up drug development, isolation of microbes, culturing, and other tasks. Modular manufacturing buildings can easily reconfigure to new locations and offer an inter-connected system, allowing researchers to perform multiple tasks at one time. The pharmaceutical industries can benefit from modular manufacturing in a number of ways, including:

  • Modular manufacturing laboratories offer on-demand floor space with maximum expansion capabilities.
  • Modular laboratories are cost-effective and constructed in less time in comparison to traditional laboratories.
  • Modular laboratories can minimal site disruption
  • Modular laboratories offers consistent quality and improves safety

Modular Construction Market: A Go-to Solution for Drug Development

Drug developer companies are facing tremendous pressure to reduce costs associated with the installation of manufacturing facilities and quality control. Modular cleanrooms and laboratories are some of the best tactics that companies have employed to leverage technology across production units. The modular manufacturing system offers cost-effective and flexible facilities that help to streamline the research by reducing the risk of contamination. The high-quality and technology-driven modular manufacturing solutions help to mitigate the unpredictability and develop the drug in a safe environment.

Although a three-dimensional modular cleanroom covering the full area has been used, a wraparound facility is the optimal modularity option to create an optimal environment for drug discovery. These make use of high-performance environmental systems and pre-engineered modular architectural technologies, which are all manufactured in a tightly controlled manufacturing environment to offer predictable outcomes to the project. Besides this, the modular cleanrooms can easily relocate to the construction site and meet the desired safety standards set by the regulatory authorities. It provides more flexibility in terms of space, design, material, conventional facilities, and standards.

With increasing demand, the modular construction market players are offering modular cleanrooms and customization solutions to the pharmaceutical industry. At present, the market players are looking for modular techniques that allow real-time data analysis and monitoring to optimize the operational handling and design of drugs effortlessly in a controlled environment.

Demand for Precision Medicines Drive Modular Construction Market

The increasing demand for personalized therapies for the treatment of diseases puts pressure on pharmaceutical companies to adopt new technology that helps to meet the rising demand. Modular manufacturing protrudes as an advanced technology that provides better infrastructure and a safe environment to produce drugs. The prefabricated cleanrooms and drug manufacturing plants have increased the production of therapeutic products. With growing interest in modular facilities, the adoption of modular manufacturing has accelerated the growth of the market. Even the vaccine development and gene therapy market has started adopting modular facilities to streamline their research and development process.

Modular Manufacturing: Modularity for Short Timelines

Drug development is an arduous process, requiring years to commercialize in the market finally. However, during the pandemic, there is a requirement for fast-track designations and novel therapies to mitigate the risk of the rising number of cases. Due to this, the timelines for drug development continue to shrink, putting pressure on the pharmaceuticals to combat the situation. The modular cleanrooms offer manufacturing control programs that allow the designing of drugs in a controlled manner.

Moreover, the rapid advancement in technology enables modular construction market players to leverage AI tools and integrated database technology to collect documented data and verify that the drug has been designed in a controlled manner. Thereby, the modular laboratories enable them to meet timelines by reducing the time required for drug testing and data collection for approval.

Recent Developments in Modular Construction Market

Some of the recent developments that have taken place in the modular construction market include:

  • In July 2023, The Department of Biotechnology, Government of India, announced that Biosafety level 3 modular facilities for genome sequencing will be constructed at Rajiv Gandhi Center for Biotechnology in Akkulam for the research studies on infectious agents, including SARS-CoV-2.
  • In July 2023, Evotec, the leading bioprocess development and clinical manufacturing company, announced the installation of G-CON manufacturing modular cleanroom PODs as its main biologics manufacturing facility in France.

Modular Construction Market: Future Trends and Innovations

In the future, it is anticipated that the modular construction market will certainly grow and indulge in technology-driven software to fast pace drug discovery. Modular manufacturing companies may include IoT (Internet of Things) and automation software in future modular cleanrooms for real-time data monitoring and remote control.

In addition, the trends toward flexible and customizable modular solutions will continue to grow in the future. With widespread adoption, more pharmaceutical companies demand laboratories and modular cleanrooms that help to reduce sources and energy consumption.

Furthermore, the bioprocessing industries will have an increase in the demand for modular bioprocessing facilities for cell culture processes. As the modular construction market expands in the future, more innovative design software and tools will become prevalent in the industries to deliver optimized solutions for drug development.

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