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8 Best and More Effective Strategies For Working While Traveling

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1. Choose Wisely

If you’re planning your first trip to work take a trip to a location where you aren’t likely to be stranded in a rough van with a guy called Panda in an arid storm, with your mobile tethered to your laptop, and your most trusted companion covered in pox ….at least during your first visit. Instead, choose an easier travel experience, for example, the long weekend stay in a hotel that has WIFI or spending your working week in a city (with plenty of cafes, WIFI signals, and electronics stores). You can easily find the current location pin code online. 

Once you’ve mastered the art of remote working from your well-populated hotel or region, consider branching out on more adventurous adventures.

2. Get the Gear

If you’re remote working most likely, you carry your laptop around as if it were an IV. do not leave your home without your laptop’s charger and headphones.

However, if you are packing for a trip to work it is important to prepare for the most difficult. For the zip code of the location, search what is my zip code

  • Bring a storage device: especially if you’re dealing with multimedia, having massive files on a drive is a good idea in the event you’re working in a location without an Internet signal, or cannot access files stored in the cloud.
  • Take extra headphones with you: If you require headphones to participate in meetings using Skype and Google Hangout, make sure that you have an extra pair in case yours get lost in the hot tub.
  • Determine your Tethering scenario: Make sure you are able to log in and work from any location even without a wireless signal. Install Bluetooth to allow you to connect to your smartphone, and then update your mobile’s data plans to accommodate travel, and think about buying a data storage device such as Karma.
  • Chargers: It’s an obvious one, but ensure you have a charger as well as a connection cable to connect your phone, laptop as well as a hard drive (bring additional items).
  • Clean your laptop: To minimize the chance of a complete meltdown of your tech Clean your files off your laptop, and then sort the cloud storage ahead of time.
  • Find out your technology setup: Will you be calling meetings on your phone? Check it out! Are you able to connect to your mobile while you travel on the bus? Do you test it in advance? Are you bringing an iPad along with a laptop keyboard? Make sure that your setup is working before you are in the middle of nowhere.

3. Make Sure You Have a Space to Work

Like evaluating your setup for tech is a good idea and you must also take every step to think ahead for your workspace. It could be asking your hotel if the room is furnished with a desk or chair, scouring coffee shops close to your hotel, or asking a friend regarding the reliability that they have for the quality of their Internet connection.

4. Check your schedule

Check your calendar for work and make sure that your travel plans aren’t interfering. In the event that they interfere, you can move dates and meetings prior to the deadline.

It’s also a good idea to communicate with your travel companions in order to establish expectations for when you’ll be able to hang out and when you’ll require “alone time” to get things completed.

5. Tell Your Team About Your New Time Zone

If you’re planning your timetable make sure to mail an email message to colleagues or clients to let them know which timezone you’ll fall in and the exact time when you’ll be in the area. Make sure they know how they can contact you if you’re not online.

6. Bring a Hard Copy of Passwords

In my case, your passwords are saved in a reliable password manager. However, make sure that even if you’re shut out from the password manager. You’ll have a copy of all of the important passwords.

If you’re concerned about the theft of your passwords. There’s a higher chance that you’ll be compromised rather than someone finding the password in your purse and then selling your identity.

7. Have a Backup Plan (Phone Numbers of Coworkers )

If your laptop is damaged or your phone is thrown out of Mount Kilimanjaro. How will you let your colleagues know that they’re fine but you’ll be late for the meeting? Keep it simple and save the hard copy of your colleagues’ contact numbers. So you’ll have a way to be in contact if anything happens to go wrong (like in the event that you end up in the van mentioned above).

8. Balance Concentrated Time with Time for Free Time

  • Balance. 

If finding balance in your work-life is a challenge on a regular day, it’s more difficult on a work trip. It’s also difficult to find the time to dedicate to work without ruining your trip. (and creating a situation where everyone you’re traveling with hates you!) It is probably the thing you’re most concerned about.

To be smart and smart in balancing commitments to work and your leisure time Consider these suggestions:

You can work during “off” hours depending on the time zone. Instead of putting off your trek to Nepal Spend the day in the mountains and in the evening, you can get things completed.

Perform repetitive tasks when you’re distracted. If you’re at the beach with your friends and you have time, perform tasks that are easy to remember and don’t use up much brainpower.

Focus on tasks that require only. If you must be 100 “there” for a certain task (like writing blog posts or attending a conference). Ensure that you plan time alone to complete the task.

  • Set limits. 

Don’t be afraid of saying, “I need 1 hour to do this thing.” It’s acceptable to shut yourself inside the hotel for two hours. If you get to enjoy 3 hours of the food and drinks later.

Have a few days off completely. Set aside a few days for zero work. Even if you’ll have to work additional hours prior to or following your excursion. After all the double-dealing, you’ll be in need of (and you’ll have earned) some time free. A few minutes to recharge can ensure that you’re rested and in top form when you start your clock.

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