How To Hook Up A Tv: Our Step-By-Step Guide

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You have just acquire a TV, Television Repair Services in West Midlands but do not know where to start to put it into service? Check out our tips for learning how to hook up a TV yourself.


Hooking up a TV can be a bit tricky for those who aren’t really tech savvy. Thanks to our practical guide, you will be able to install and configure your new TV with ease.

Prepare the TV location

Before thinking about how to hook up a TV , you need to define its location in the room. Whether it’s the living room or the bedroom, measure the available space to position it well. You have the choice between two types of fixing:

  • Free-standing: this is the most classic installation. The device is supplie with its support to be place on a TV stand . The width of the latter must be greater than that of the screen and it must be strong enough to support its weight.
  • On wall: although many models allow wall installation, Television Repair Services in West Midlands we recommend that you check that the option is available on yours.

Unpack your TV

A television is a fragile device, which must be handle with care so as not to risk damaging the internal components. TVs are usually very well package by manufacturers. However, if you use a box cutter or other sharp object to open the box, do so carefully to avoid scratches. Also be careful not to lay it flat, either when transporting or unpacking the device. If the chosen model is more than 50 inches, Television Repair Services in West Midlands it will be better to be 2 people to connect the TV .

Connect the screen to TV reception

Once the installation is complete, it’s time to connect your television to receive TNT and TNT HD.

  • In the case of conventional radio reception, Television Repair Services in West Midlands all you have to do is insert the antenna cable into the corresponding entry at the back of the screen.
  • If your reception is by internet, cable or satellite, you will need to connect the terminal to the TV using an HDMI cable, in the corresponding inputs. The latter is not provide in the TV pack.
  • Connect the Ethernet wire to the appropriate port on your box and to the back of your TV.

Connect other devices

How to connect a television to the DVD player, Blu-Ray or Home Cinema? Make sure that all your devices are switch off, before connecting them one by one to the TV using their dedicate cable, Television Repair Services in West Midlands following the instructions in the manuals.

Connect the TV to the computer

How to connect a television to a computer  ? If you are a fan of video games, Home Appliances Repair Services you will surely want to take advantage of the resolution of your flat screen for a better gaming experience. This manipulation will also allow you to view your photos and videos directly on your TV.

  • Make sure your computer has DLNA software. If not, you can easily download it from the internet.
  • Connect the audio output of the computer to the audio input of the flat panel display and the monitor output to the VGA input.
  • Choose the optimal resolution offer by your TV.

Turn on the TV

Crucial step to connect a television efficiently: the configuration of the parameters. Once all the connections are made and you have put batteries in the remote control, turn on your TV.

  • Choose the language.
  • Start automatic channel search. In some models, it starts on its own as soon as it is switch on. It is then possible to add, delete, modify their hierarchy and choose your favorites in the “Settings” menu.
  • Select your receive mode. DVB-T mode corresponds to DVB-T channels, DVB-S on satellite and DVB-C on cable.

What if it’s a connected TV?

Connect TV or Smart TV is becoming more and more common. It’s the marriage between your TV and the internet. How do I connect a connect television  ? Simply connect your box to your TV, using an Ethernet LAN cable, or to Wi-Fi, by configuring the dedicate parameters in the TV settings. You will thus be able to browse the web, watch television programs, access the video on demand service or even install applications, as on smartphones.

Optimize the image

To get the most out of your TV, you should change the default settings offer by the manufacturers. To do this, go to the “Image” menu and configure the following parameters:

  • Brightness: the image must remain very detail in low light.
  • Contrast: the screen must be able to render very bright and at the same time well-define whites.
  • The colours: hue (hue) and saturation according to your tastes
  • Colour temperature: neutral is generally recommend.
  • Sharpness.

You will have to repeat the operation for each input: HDMI, if you watch TV via a decoder, USB if an external hard drive is connect, or even DVD.

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