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What are some of the greatest camping in Coorg?

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Coorg is a hill station which is known for production of coffee. Another name given to Coorg is ‘Scotland of India’ because of the views that it has to offer. If you want to go out for a weekend in Karnataka you can go to Coorg. It is a weekend getaway because it is surrounded by mountains and is only about 250 km from Bangalore and from Mysore it is 120 km. Camping in Coorg is an exciting activity to do when you want to be surrounded by nature. You can even go trekking while camping.

Here are some of the top camping spots in Coorg:

Camping in Gonikoppa –

At this campsite you can stay for one night and two days. After a short trek you will reach the coffee plantations that are near the campsite. The small trek is through thick forests. Walking around the coffee plantations you can relish the smell of coffee leaves that are yet to be plucked. There is also a stream next to the homestay where you can sit and relax while enjoying the beauty of it.

You can check-in  the campsite by afternoon and relax till the evening. Evenings are for some outdoor games and bonding sessions with other guests that are staying there. After dinner when the bonfire is set everyone can gather around,listen to music or play something and have fun. The campsite is 20km away from Gonikoppa city so getting public transport is difficult. You will have to get your own vehicle or hire one to reach the campsite. 

Evergreen County Coorg –

This campsite is very different from other campsites or something that you would have imagined. It is like a luxurious camping place with a lot of different facilities. They have different categories of stays like group stay, couple stay and also a pet-friendly stay. There are a lot of activities this place has to offer like kayaking, swimming in a pond, pond coracle and a lot more. You can camp for 1 night and 2 days or for more days.

If you are camping for one night then the day you arrive you can go for pond swimming and kayaking. Before dinner you can go for a night walk in the plantations. If you are staying for more time the activities of the first day remain the same, but the next day you can go for sightseeing. There are team building activities that also take place in which you can participate if you wish too. Depending on the time you have you can stay for one, two or three days. 

Riverside camping in Suntikoppa –

A camping site next to a river is undoubtedly a unique camping experience. The campsite has a stream and along with a waterfall amidst the coffee plantations. At this place you will get to hear a lot of birds chirping and the sound of the stream can be soothing. On your arrival you can set your things in the tents and relax for sometime. Once done relaxing you can go for a walk in the nearby surroundings. \

After the walk, come to the campsite and have your lunch. It will be evening by the time you finish everything, later you can enjoy outdoor activities and when the sun is setting enjoy the view with a bonfire. Play songs while the bonfire is going on and then have dinner. Next morning if you wish to get up early go for a walk and look at the enchanting sunrise. 

Jungle mount –

This is a village retreat which is right next to river Kakkabe and at the bottom of the Tadiandamol mountain. The view with a river and mountain nearby is something you shouldn’t miss. This campsite has cains that are made of wood but are still very comfortable with a bed and bathroom inside the cabin.

A lot of adventure activities are offered by them. Kayaking, driving to the mountains, trekking, tent camping, river rafting, bird watching and a lot more. There are a lot of different accommodations that they offer like cabins, tents and cottages. At night you can set the campfire, enjoy it for sometime and then call it a night.


Above mentioned are camping sites that are worth visiting in Coorg. They all have different views and surroundings which gives a new experience. The campsites also have adventure activities depending on the neighbourhood. Camping is a very pleasing experience and if you get to camp amongst coffee plantations it is a win-win. If you are trying to find a camping destination then you can go to Coorg. 

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