What services can a cleaning company offer?

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All the studies on the question run in the same direction: the comfort of a workplace has an important influence on the productivity of the personnel. Some of it has to do with how space is managed and the conveniences of everyday life. But the cleanliness of the premises has its say.

It is, therefore, a welcome step to hire a maintenance company to keep your facilities clean.

  • Among the details negotiated with the cleaning establishment, what are the details that may occupy the line of the specifications?
  • What missions can you assign him?

This article provides answers to these questions.

Professional cleaning for service companies

To calmly manage your company’s core business projects, make no room for the dispersion of forces. Delegate to more competent structures non-essential but necessary tasks such as the maintenance of the premises. And this is where the relevance of a professional cleaning company is revealed alongside tertiary companies whose main activity lies in the provision of services.

If you operate in this sector, what can you expect from a professional cleaner?

First, the perfect polishing of your offices. After passing the technicians, not only on the surface, all will be order and beauty, luxury, calm,, and… your collaborators.

Trained to refresh unattractive settings such as toilets that have been cleaned for a long time, the cleaning staff will whiten the toilets in your business premises. Dusting furniture, polishing floors, emptying garbage cans: these are all actions that the special envoys of your maintenance company will put to work twenty times to make your business premises shine.

Common room, car park or even green space, no compartment of your site will escape the beauty care of your professional cleaners.

Regulatory constraints in health and hospitality

Healthcare facilities require special maintenance techniques. Also, the entity solicited for the cleaning of a dental office, a clinic, or a hospital will have to adopt an adequate method. This requires compliance with the regulations relating to the hygiene of hospital premises.

Besides the classic cleaning maintenance reserved for ordinary premises, disinfection or decontamination. We include actions among the tasks to be carried out by the cleaning agent of a hospital service. Therefore, the latter receive additional preparation in order to possess the essential skills to succeed in the work.

The same is true for the hotel and restaurant sectors. Services deployed by a hotel cleaning company will maintain cleanliness in guest rooms, entertainment areas, and living areas. They can extend to the kitchen, the room where meals are coming from, depending on the specifications.

Intervention triggered by a disaster

You can seek the help of a cleaning company to manage the aftermath of a natural disaster. After a fire or flood, a professional cleaner remains the preferred solution for ridding your home or professional site of waste and rubbish.

Cleaning service for individuals

Do you have accommodation of a certain size? In order to ensure daily maintenance, entrust yourself to a specialized company. From the ceiling to the floor, we will clean your house. The service will work to maintain hygiene in all rooms of your home, whether it is cleaning the floor, furniture, or household appliances.

Assembling a piece of furniture, hanging a large painting. Cleaning light fixtures are some tasks that can find a place in the contract signed between a cleaning company and an individual. The maintenance of the garden often completes the list of missions devolved to the agents in the houses.

In conclusion

There are many services available at your disposal that companies offer, operating in the maintenance of premises. Buildings assigned to professional use, hotel establishment, hospital building. The spectrum is very wide in sectors of activity where the skills of hygiene professionals are in demand.

They can therefore only settle the choice of your cleaning agency on your specific needs and on the ability of the company to meet them.

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