How can your business ensure quality office cleaning?

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On the premises cleaning market, there are now many competitors with prices that are sometimes very different from each other. Office cleaning is a very important task and one that every business owner should worry about.

The cleanliness of the office or workplace is indeed a guarantee of efficiency, health, and well-being for all employees: healthy and happy employees are employees who do good work.

Some companies use their own employees to do household chores, but this strategy is often expensive and time-consuming. First, this technique takes employees’ hours out of their working time. In addition, it does not ensure optimum cleanliness for the premises concerned.

Some companies quite small, have recourse to professional cleaning teams in-house. Others, larger, use external cleaning companies.

Know how to compare the prices of cleaning services

In the latter case, the company and the cleaning team must agree on an estimate and specifications. The more these two elements are precise in the description of the needs, the more the estimated price will be correct: thus, no unpleasant surprises!

To ensure optimal cleaning, accompanied by reasonable prices, it is better to get quotes from several companies, and thus compare prices. But beware of offers that are too tempting, which sometimes come with disappointing quality! Quality cleaning is synonymous with two things, in particular: a team of trained professionals, and optimal equipment.

Professional equipment for professional cleaning work

This material contains some essential tools:

  • The streamlined trolley: for transporting brooms, cleaning products, linens, garbage bags;
  • The vacuum cleaner: external companies most often use a wet vacuum cleaner, which allows you to vacuum on any type of surface, even wet;
  • The mono brush: it allows you to clean especially hard floors (tiles, concrete, etc.) and make them shine;
  • The scrubber-dryer: some companies replace the vacuum cleaner and mono rush with a scrubber-dryer. It is a fairly large machine, equipped with a rotating brush that allows you to vacuum, wash, and dry on any type of floor. Its size is the only problem: do you have room to keep one? Is bringing it in from outside economical? ;
  • The steam cleaner: the steam is effective in killing mites in the fabrics (everything that is curtains and carpet…).

Some companies bring the equipment from outside, but a good solution sometimes consists in keeping the instruments on-site, in order to avoid the additional costs because of the transport of this one, in particular. But then the question arises: do you have the space to keep this equipment? We can define this choice in the specifications.

The labels: a guarantee for health, the environment, and the efficiency of the work provided

To truly clean thoroughly, some cleaning companies use fungicides and bactericides, in order to shampoo carpets in particular. The quality of cleaning lies in its effectiveness, but also in respect for your health and the environment.

A good cleaning company will use products with eco-labels, for example. There are also labels that qualify the quality of the cleaning of a cleaning company: one thinks of the label, for example. This label congratulates cleaning companies engaged in a process of progress, allows the establishment of a relationship of trust between partners, and guarantees them to gain invisibility. If a cleaning company  carries the label, you can normally trust it to deliver top performance.

To summarize the points, a quality cleaning

In order to keep your business clean, the best solution is to hire external cleaning companies.

These companies are doubly experts: through their know-how and through their tools. We sometimes award the best of them a label, such as Eco-Label. Better to use a professional cleaning company that uses products with eco-labels, good for both health and the environment.

If you are looking for such a company, have several quotes made in order to precisely define your needs, as well as the optimal price for the services concerning you. We are never too careful!

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