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How to make the Perfect Tater Tots?

Tater Tots

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Having friends over for a movie night? Looking for a perfect snacks recipe?

Let us help you with the most loved American snacks recipe “Tater Tots”.

The history of tater tots lie decades back but the love it’s given is forever. It is a snack that can be eaten as a side dish with different cuisines, a starter or a snack itself. Following is the our favorite way to make tater tots.

How to make the perfect tater tots

To learn how to make tater tots, it is important to know what ingredients are used to make the snacks.

Ingredients for the tater tots recipe

  • A liter of water
  • Half a kg of Idaho potatoes
  • Oil
  • Half a teaspoon of garlic powder
  • Salt to taste
  • Crushed black peppers with half a teaspoon
  • Cornmeal for coating

Tater Tots Recipe

Paragraphs can be hard to read, so we decide to make it easier for you by giving the complete tater tots recipe in the form of steps:

Boil the potatoes for tater tots

To make tater tots you should have potatoes that taste good. For this purpose, use Idaho potatoes.

  1. First, take off the skin of potatoes
  2. and cut them into cubes
  3. Afterward, heat water in a pan
  4. Then, you will bring the potato chunks to boil
  5. Next, when they have boiled, you will strain them
  6. Now, after ten to fifteen minutes, mash them
  7. You will add black pepper, salt, and garlic powder and combine them
  8. Afterward, you will them into shapes of squares
  9. Then, repeat the procedure for all the remaining mixture
  10. Now, you should place them on a tray with a gap
  11. Before frying them, you will have to put a cornmeal coating on them

Frying the tater tots

  1. In a deep frying pan add oil
  2. When the oil is hot, drop the tater tots in for frying
  3. You should fry them till they turn golden
  4. When they are fried, you should place them on a presentable tray
  5. Then, you will drizzle dingolay gourmet hot sauce on them

The specialty of tater tots

The answer to how to make perfect tater tots is simple. Like your children will enjoy the recipe. As potatoes are our time favorite vegetable. Similarly, people create various snacks from them. You can even add stuffing to the tater tots. Moreover, the recipe is very simple.

By using a few ingredients your dish will be created. Attract the kids to this by making them in different styles. Then you can make various shapes of it using cutters. Your kids will definitely attract to the tater tots.

Serving them with dingolay gourmet hot sauce

To begin with, you can use the dingolay hot sauce with tater tots. Moreover, in a single bottle, you can get all the exotic flavors. This has been balanced with both sweet and sour flavors. Similarly, you won’t like to eat with typical tomato ketchup or chili ketchup. The taste of tater tots will increase with the sauce addition.

Instead of using dingolay hot sauces as a dip. You can use it when combining mashed potatoes with spices. The scotch bonnet peppers give a spicy flavor to the sauce. Then, the dingolay brand sells fruit flavored sauces. One is the mango hot sauce. And the other one is pineapple hot sauce.

Similarly, the hot sauce is made from organic things. Then, you will get a pure bottle of sauce. Also, their sauces aren’t much spicy. Rather, they are mild in flavor. Somehow, they have set an equal level of sweetness and spiciness. Hence you will get to taste something different than tomato sauce.

Even children can have this sauce. This contains healthy nutrients without any preservatives. Moreover, it contains a controlled level of spiciness. Therefore, they can enjoy their tater tots with dingolay hot sauce.

Packed readymade food

Moreover, a company named tater tots existed. They make their frozen tater tots. Their food is famous across many countries. Instead of making them at home. You can just buy the frozen ones. And fry them.

Storing the tater tots

Those people who want to keep them for months. They can save them. So, first they should boil the potatoes. And add seasoning to them. Afterward, shape the potatoes. After this step, you will freeze them on a tray. When the tater tots have frozen. Then, put them in an air proof box.

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