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Checklist For Hiring The Best Contract Manufacturer For Dietary Supplement

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Contract Manufacturer – Unlike branded drugs, nutraceutical formulations rarely enjoy brand supremacy, except in a few cases. So, you need a winning combination of factors to win over your customer and make them loyal customers. Several factors determine brand loyalty. Since brand supremacy has been elusive for you so far, you need to make sure that you are delivering excellent quality to your customers on a sustained basis. This is to make sure that your customers are attracted to you because of your consistent quality.

Quality Manufacturing Contract 

However, delivering consistent product quality is not easy. If you are into dietary supplements and don’t have your manufacturing facility, you need to go for a dietary supplement contract manufacturing service. The people take up manufacturing jobs on contract and have the capacity to manufacture a range of dietary supplements in different forms as well as drugs. However, some of them may not have drug-making capacity. Yet, any contract manufacturer will not do so. You need to look for a manufacturer who has years of experience in manufacturing dietary supplements. So, how do you choose which manufacturer is the best? Let us see.

Trusted Manufacturer 

You need to see whether the dietary supplement contract manufacturing service is a trusted one operating in the niche for several years or not. If other brands are hiring the services of the contract manufacturers for years You need to take note of that. Indeed, that can be the most significant seal of trust for any service. 

Ability To Deliver Consistently High Volumes 

Make sure that the service can deliver consistently high volume. This means that it already has all the infrastructure in place for high-volume production. This is significant since companies can arrange temporary measures to increase the volume of production at a much lower investment. However, this carries a connotation of instability in product manufacturing. So, you need to see whether the company has all the infrastructure in place for consistent high-volume production.

Variety of Dietary Supplements For Manufacture

A trusted and reliable dietary supplement contract manufacturing service must have the ability to manufacture dietary supplements in different forms. Such as capsules, soft gels, tablets, gummies, powders, etc. This is very important since you may need to venture into different forms of supplements after you start with one or two of them. You may have started with powders, but your market report reveals new forms of the supplement. Such as tablets, gels would help the products penetrate the market better. In such a case, you need to instruct the manufacturer accordingly. So, make sure that the service can manufacture dietary supplements in different forms. 


While looking for a dietary supplement contract manufacturing service for manufacturing your brand of vitamin, protein, or other supplements. You need to make sure that you go through the checklist. This includes quality of infrastructure, processes & manpower, ability to handle sudden increases in volume owing to a demand spike. Is trusted by other brands, and has the ability to churn out the same product in different forms like tablets, powders, soft gels, etc.

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