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All You Need To Know About Kodachadri trek

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Kodachadari trek is one of the most famous treks in Karnataka located in the heart of Mookambika wildlife sanctuary situated in Shimoga district of Karnataka, this trek offers you a memory for your lifetime, it is an adventure and a charm which will be a beautiful memory for a lifetime.

Beauty of kodachadri trek

 Kodachadri trek is a very beautiful trek starting with a very beautiful small village where a very small no. of people live. It is a quaint village which has thick forest around it, beautiful grassland and a waterfall near the village will melt your heart. This trek gives you a lot of different thing during this trek you will get to see a beautiful Temple attached to our history it was said that the temple was made around 1000 years ago, imagine trekking in a place where stories come from 7th ad all this are really something else beyond word if you are in Karnataka or visiting Karnataka anytime soon you should go for this trek will give you peace in your mind and beauty of nature will make you feel amazing.

Difficulty level

This trek is an easy level of the trek in which anyone can go and by some attempt, you will not need any guide and this trek is a paradise for anyone who visits.

Kodachadri Trek Route Detail

Kodachadri trek has 3 different routes you can go from any of these routes according to your preference. The base of this trek are villages Nittur, Kattinahole, and Vallur; you can approach Kodachadri trek from any of these villages.

Route No.1

If you are travelling in your own jeep you should choose the route from Kattigenahalli village through these you can directly go to the PWD rest house from there the trek is only 2km it is a very easy route and this route is most helpful during the rainy season. You can choose this trek if you want to reach the top fast and enjoy the top view.

Route No.2

This route starts from Nittur Village. If you are coming from Shimoga village road then this route is for you, you should take this route. Once you reach Nittur from there you go to Santosh hotel which is almost 5.5km from Nittur village. You can take a rest and can take refreshment from that Hotel actual trek is start from this place from Santosh Hotel it take you 3 to 4 hours to reach PWD guest house it is 4km long route.

Initially this route is quite steep and deep forest couple of time you will come out of forest and then you will continue in forest then you will reach PWD guest house then you will get accommodation and food then you can continue to trek for the top and from PWD guest house trek is only of 2 km then you will reach the top and you will enjoy the view the mesmerising experience.

Route No.3  

This route start from Vallur Village. If you are travelling from Shimoga village this route starts from villur village. It is almost 1.5 km before Nittur village. This route is as similar as other route. From this route you have to go to the primary school from where you can reach through your vehicle. Then your trek starts from here on and the trail is easy and after some time there is a little tough patch as the mountain get steeper. Once you cross this patch you reach the PWD guest house then there is only 2 km left for you to reach the top.

All the route takes you to the PWD guest house then you can go to the top after resting and eating food you can go to the top and enjoy the best view you can get in Karnataka.

Best Time To Visit Kodachadri Trek 

Best time to visit Kodachadri trek is after the monsoon and during winter time.

After monsoon season this trek route is covered with lush greenery. You will as well as this trek become tough as this reason get Heavy rainfall so route became tougher. But during this time the view is not clear as everywhere there is deep fog which disturbs the view. This trek you can do during summer as the views are clearer. But the greenery is less and little brown patches are there. But you can see the view from a lot away from places.

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