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How EdD in Kinesiology Students Make an Impact

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When choosing a career, what do you consider? Is it the money? Passion? Or are you looking for the most job satisfaction? Wouldn’t you want a job that feels like a hobby? To always be happy to get to work every day? Of course, money is important. It makes the world go round, after all.

Moreover, you need to pay your bills and afford a high quality of life. However, more than the money, you want a career that will make you happy. If you are going to spend about 8 hours of your day at your job, you better enjoy it.

On the list of the happiest careers in the world, you will find physical therapy at the very top. That may be because physical or sports therapists help people see their efforts bearing fruit. When a patient comes in pain, and you get to help them through exercise and movement, wouldn’t that make you happy?

They go back home better, which might just change their quality of life. Furthermore, one of the things that makes people vulnerable is being unable to move. So, when you work with a patient at their most vulnerable, you make an impact. That’s why kinesiology has been a buzzword the last few years, especially amongst schools.

What Is Kinesiology?

It sounds very technical, but kinesiology is simply the study of human movement. As a kinesiology student, your focus will be on physical movement and how it impacts health and quality of life. So that would mean exercise, injury recovery, and anything that has to do with sports and fitness.

Therefore, this would be a great fit if you desire a health-related field that combines your love for sports and fitness. And the best part? The skills you will learn are sought after in the world today.

What About Doctor of Education in Kinesiology?

This program doesn’t lock out professionals from any field. If you decide to impact your community in physical therapy, this would be a great fit. The kinesiology degree North Carolina program is designed to grow leaders in Kinesiology. Coming from different professions, you will be able to develop different solutions to the problems in the practice of kinesiology.

Your expertise, experience, and viewpoint will be welcome as diversity is a strength. The idea is you will look at physical activity from different angles, which might lead to a greater understanding and better solutions.

Here are some ways EdD in Kinesiology students have impacted their communities.

  • In rural North Carolina, students implemented a program to keep students in school and improve their academic performance.
  • EdD students have also partnered with the counselling centre on campus to use physical activity in counselling to help with their mental health.
  • It was their idea to improve community partnerships in dance, which has proven beneficial to both high schools and universities.
  • Also, EdD students in Kinesiology came up with a program that helps people with cognitive impairments get more physical activity. This is done through a partnership that has them working with college students.
  • Lastly, the students’ recommendations that it is possible to attract and retain athletic trainers.

What Do You Get as A Student?

As a student, you are looking to enjoy the social part of learning. So what does a kinesiology program have to offer?

A Sense of Community

How do you enjoy being part of a community when you study online? Studying online has become the new norm. However, that doesn’t mean you are in it alone. There are many other students on the same journey as you are. And on this program, you will often meet, for example, the campus orientation that will allow you to have team building activities and meet your professors. And you will find the professors to be knowledgeable yet approachable.

Finally, as a student of Kinesiology, you will develop in-demand skills in the world today. You will use critical thinking skills to develop solutions in the world of sports and physical fitness. And better yet, your recommendations and ideas will be taken into account and might change the face of physical therapy. Therefore, to make a difference in a field that matters, a Kinesiology degree should be at the top of your list.

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