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What Tools For Creating Visuals On Your Social Networks

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Who says social media strategy says creating publications. That can catch the eye of your community and engage them with strong messages. From your Facebook banner to your Instagram feed via sliders on LinkedIn. You will very often have to create visuals to bring your social networks to life. You can contact Social Media Marketing Services Company

The formats are varied, the codes on each social network also and you will need to know how to master them.

Fortunately, you will not be alone on the way. Many tools exist to guide you. In the creation of visuals for your social media. It allow you to ensure a professional result without too many pitfalls.

From graphic design to the acquisition of royalty-free images. Illustrations and pictograms, discover these tools that will facilitate the creation of visuals for your social networks.

The tools to create beautiful visuals on your social networks

It is clear that your visuals are not going to magically come out of your hat.

You will have to do them yourself or use a communication agency specializing in social media .

If you opt for the first option. You will need to arm yourself with a graphic design solution but also with your graphic charter!

Indeed, you will be surprised by the range of possibilities offered by the solutions. That we are going to present to you. The key is not to get carried away. To take care not to be kitsch and above all to be in harmony with your visual identity .

Let’s go to discover the essential tools to create visuals on your social media 

Canva, the most popular graphic design platform

Canva is one of the best-known, if not the most popular, graphic design solutions today.

Very intuitive , it is accessible to all regardless of the level and allows you to create original high quality visuals.

There are CV templates, announcements, flyers, slideshows but above all visuals for your social networks . The official dimensions of each type of publication are pre-recorded, all you have to do is choose a model or create your own visual from scratch.

You can very easily drag and drop text boxes, shapes, images and illustrations available in the large Canva gallery, or import your own visuals to insert them.

Create as many visuals for your bas you want and download them in the desired format: PNG, JPG, PDF and even GIF.

The Pro version for €11.99 per month will allow you to share an account with a team of up to 5 people . They will have access to a much larger gallery of images and more visual templates to customize.

The significant advantage of this Pro version for social media managers is that it allows you to remember your graphic charter by importing your logo, your own fonts and colour palettes into your Canva.

And the best for last: You can directly schedule the content created on your social networks! Canva is definitely an all in one solution.

Creative Cloud, the Adobe suite for seasoned social media managers

The Adobe suite, now called Creative Cloud, brings together all the graphic design software used by professionals. It is a reference in the matter all over the world . These software nevertheless require a lot of technical skills to really master them so many features are available.

It includes Photoshop and Lightroom for editing images and photographs , which are particularly useful for characterizing your Instagram feed .

Illustrator is used to create and process vector images , which can thus be enlarged to infinity without pixelation: practical when the visuals created are intended to be used in different formats.

InDesign will serve you more for the layout and will help you develop sliders on LinkedIn and Instagram for example.

Finally, when it comes to video editing , Premiere Pro will accompany you and After Effects if the video is in motion design .

These graphic design software, because professional, are much less accessible than Canva and Crello but you will never feel hindered in the creation of content for your social networks : everything is possible with technique!

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