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How to Deal With Cut-Throat Culture In Corporate Sector: OgyMogy Review

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When I joined the firm there were nearly 6-7 recruits with me. We were assigned to different departments. Because of the covid and all the pandemic things our first official gathering was pretty later than usual. But when that happened I came to know that only 2 of us were still working in the company. Others left or were fired. That was a disturbing thing to hear at that time. We all were so happy and hopeful at the time of joining. But little did we know about the cruel corporate world treatment. The thing is corporate sector is promoting a cut-throat system. Do more than what your colleagues are doing and you will stay. That includes extra hard work, more working hours, no bonus probably and things like that.

The competitive working sector and the rising unemployment rate can be a reason.  No doubt no organization is facing an ideal situation but still as an employer or part of the upper portion of the food chain it is indeed our duty to at least think about the employees. As they too are not facing any ideal or perfect situation either. So years later when I started my own company my main motto was that I will try my best to provide the most comfortable and toxic-free environment to the employees. No burden of extra hours, bonuses, healthy competition among employees, and timely tracking of any black sheep so that they do not affect the overall work environment.

  • A toxic work environment affects the whole system including the employees, employer and even the customers.
  • 12% of employees have confessed that they have simply chosen the option to leave after working in a toxic workplace.
  • 25% of employees have confessed that frustration and stress after working in a toxic workplace is transferred to the customer
  • 38% of employees said that they simply decrease the work quality

It was not that much to ask for but the point is when you try to take a different path than usual you face many hurdles and distractions. I faced the same. One of the biggest obstacles was changing people’s minds about the usually corporate norms extracting the survival of only fittest culture. So when things were not working accordingly I thought of why not take the help from tools and technology. That’s when I decided to get the OgyMogy spy app. Here is OgyMogy’s review for people who don’t know much about this technology.

OgyMogy  Review:

OgyMogy spy app for android offers a service that provides insights about the target through their smart gadget. The gadget can be a laptop, a cellphone, a desktop or a tablet. Two main users of the service can be parents and employers. For employers, there is one major condition that must be fulfilled i.e

  • Only choose the company-owned device to keep a check on the employees.

Live Screen Alerts:

Live screen alerts tell you a lot about the overall working environment of the team. Know who is responsible and who is just wasting time.

Reports About Individual Activity:

The screenshots are saved by the screen recording feature of the OgyMogy spy app for android. You can know about the individual employees hourly. Weekly, or monthly report and progress on the assigned project.

Know About the Employee’s Work Style:

A short video recording with timestamped information reports the working style of an environment. Do they procrastinate or divide their work in time? Do the team is fairly distributing the work or not you can know about it all.

Listen to the Overall Company:

Mic bug feature let the user listen to the overall company and environment of the team.

Watch If They Are Over Competetive:

With a camera bug, you can know about the over-competitive member or boss and can take action accordingly.

Have A Check On the Chating History:

Monitoring the chatting history is also possible with the social media monitoring feature of the OgyMogy spy app. Check out the harmony among the employees by using the instant messenger chat app features.

The OgyMogy offers three types of bundles. Choose accordingly without worrying about the distribution of the basic and advanced Tech features in the bundles.


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