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How Does a Content Delivery Network (CDN) Improve Your WordPress Website Performance?

What Is A CDN And How Can It Improve Your Website Performace

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As the word suggests Content Delivery Network(CDN) hints at a network. To be specific, it is the servers’ network. These services are geographically scattered to enhance content delivery over the internet. The umbrella term content incorporates images, stylesheets, videos, HTML pages, and more. All of this to ensure better website performance. It brings us to the most anticipated question how do so?

Ways CDN Enhance WordPress Website Performance

  • Uptime is increased

Major website speed problems arose during peak traffic times. It is when the website finds it hard to handle the traffic sike smoothly. It is because a load of handling the traffic is on a single server. With CDN, your website has the backing of numerous servers placed geographically around the globe to deliver content to visitors. 

Since your content is replicated and accessible in multiple places, web traffic is redirected, or rather directed, to another available server upon losing one server.

  • Crash-resistant

The worst-case scenario, if the service is not able to handle the load, is a crash. The wordpress website development services provider fears that scenario the most. To save the server from crashing; the load needs to be distributed; this is when the CDN’s cluster of geolocated servers comes in. 

The request from the users is never left unattended, there is always a server from the network available to deliver the request even if any one of the servers fails to do so. This way, potential crashes are minimized.

  • Enhanced Website Security

The worst thing that can happen is your server gets hacked. It seems like your website will not be able to deliver the content as it has been compromised. 

Not if you have a CDN.

On CDN, your content is cached on global servers. This implies that your content will be available on other servers that are secure even if one server is compromised. CDN also dodges DDOS attacks to defend your WordPress website.

  • Faster site loading 

Utilizing a CDN helps accelerate the website’s loading time. This is because the network’s servers, which are dispersed geographically, cache a copy of your website’s content. 

So when you visit the website, it will seek the nearest server from the network, which reduces the loading time. It further lessens the burden on your server, which will speed up download times even further.

  • A higher ranking on search engines

When one hears of search engine ranking, the first thing that comes to mind is SEO. Optimizing every on-page and off-page aspect of the website makes it lucrative for the website to rank higher. One such aspect is site speed. 

The HTTP/2 protocol and turning on a secure HTTPS connection are the first steps to improving the site speed. It will also increase your website’s ranking and uptime. The faster and more secure your website loads, the simpler it will be for you to increase its page rank.

  • Cuts back on bandwidth costs

When you visit the website, the content that you see is from the nearest server in the network, cutting down bandwidth costs. This is the most efficient way for the WordPress website development services provider for bandwidth cost-cutting which you can utilize too. 

Additionally, a CDN can enhance the performance of your website by minimizing the number of requests that must be made to your server, freeing up resources for other tasks.


Any WordPress website can benefit greatly from CDN. It helps the website to boost performance and lessen the site’s load speed by caching your content and spreading it across a network. It also offers additional security measures to defend your website against threats. CDN is absolutely something to think about if you are looking forward to increasing the performance of your WordPress website.

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