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How to reduce the burden of the examination officer at an Institute

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However, institutes cannot conduct a particular exam without the supervision of particular personnel- an examination officer. They play a significant role in the management, administration and conducting of examinations. Furthermore, they maintain communication with stakeholders including, students, parents, Heads of Departments, Heads of teachers, IT staff and other relevant organisations. Hence, it can get quite difficult for examination officers at times to handle several responsibilities simultaneously. If the institute integrates certain online tools, it can help to reduce some of the manually intensive tasks. 

Written below are some ways to reduce the burden of examination officers at an institute: 

Conduct online assessments

In the last two to three years, the online examination system has become an established medium through which HEIs conduct exams. Hence, if a particular school conducts an assessment online, it can automate most of the examination operations. Since the IT team would help to set up the exam, students won’t require to do anything except log into the exam website with valid credentials. 

Since the exam would be held online, the responsibilities of an examination officer would become much easier to maintain. They would not need to verify the student details, as the exam software will automatically do that. If any unregistered examinee tries to access the website, it will block them; also it would keep track of students’ entries on time. 

They can monitor the students remotely from any location by simply being in front of a webcam connected to the institute’s exam website. 

Streamlining the pre-exam processes 

Before the commencement of examinations, an institute needs to complete a series of mandatory tasks, which often include the participation of the examination officer. But the institute can easily complete the activities with the help of particular tools and applications. Besides, the tools help to prepare the examination timetables for students and staff and create sitting plans for each exam room. 

The examination officer also securely stores the confidential examination materials, but an online tool helps to store such documents digitally. Moreover, it helps to send out important exam-related information including exam dates, seating arrangements, etc to stakeholders. 

Remote monitoring of students 

The primary task of the exam officers is to monitor the students throughout the examination; during the in-person traditional exams, they keep an eye on each student. Institutes, on the other hand, need to make sure that they contact a particular officer if one of the scheduled ones fails to come due to a sudden problem. But if the institute avails advanced software, it will help to conduct a proctored exam without any hassle. 

Therefore, institutes would not require hiring exam officers, as the proctoring software would act as an online invigilator. After which the exam controller in the institute will take appropriate action against the candidate. 

Collecting and storing the exam documents 

By integrating automated software, an institute can keep exam-related documents online. Therefore, they would not need to worry about misplacing a document or someone stealing them. 

Assured security

Theft of question papers has been a common occurrence which causes postponement of examinations and exam officers required to do necessary changes. The online tool has integrated security features that keep all important documents secure. Also, only authorised personnel can gain access and if any unauthorised personnel tries to hack, it send out warning signals.

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