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8 Trends in Hospitality Content Marketing

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1. Touchless And Digital Hotel Technology

The importance of digitally assisted interactions has grown as a result of the continued presence of COVID and the many safety protocols that are currently in place (in other words, no touching the same screens as hundreds of other people).

According to PWC, 81 percent of travellers were already looking for more digital service options from their hotel brands in 2019, and the demand has only grown since then. This trend is expected to continue in the coming years.

Naturally, touchless technology was the way to go during a worldwide pandemic, and as a result, this is the type of technology that really saw a boom in the industry. [Case in point]

In the coming weeks and months, you may notice that an increasing number of hotels are implementing modern technologies such as touchless faucets, automated doors, and other similar amenities.

It is possible that in the not too distant future, you will be able to use an application on your smartphone to control various aspects of your guest room, such as the lights, the thermostat, and the television.

Not only does this kind of technology help ensure that all individuals, including employees and guests, are safe and comfortable, but it also makes their stay more enjoyable overall.

Even though the pandemic is (hopefully) coming to an end, there will always be germs, and visitors will always be looking for ways to make travelling easier and more streamlined.

Incorporating some of these touchless additions into your facility is never a bad idea, so don’t be afraid to do it.

2. Advancing the Cause of Safety

Concerning the subject of safety, one of the most prominent trends that has emerged in the hospitality industry as a direct result of the COVID outbreak is the significance of emphasising and publicising a brand’s pandemic protocol and safety procedures.

Examples of this include increased cleaning and sanitation, social distancing, enforcement of the mask policy, contactless food and concierge service options, and other similar measures.

Displaying this information on the website of a company and also informing guests of it upon arrival demonstrates clear communication and a commitment to the safety of guests, which increases customer satisfaction.

You can also highlight these efforts in the local search results by using the attributes and the description field that is available on Google Business Profiles.

3. Advancing the Cause of Staycations

People are becoming more interested in travelling locally, also known as taking a “staycation,” as a result of the widespread perception that many people are still unwilling to travel internationally or even within the country.

Staycations have become increasingly popular in recent years because it is now considered more important to support the community in which one resides.

a marketing strategy for hotels based on the concept of staycations

Photograph taken in March of 2022 at The Hotel at Midtown

Taking all of this into consideration, companies ought to promote their saunas, gyms, spa and massage services, and food delivery options.

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The Hotel at Midtown in Chicago does a fantastic job of this by luring locals to visit their establishments, including their restaurants, world-class fitness centre, indoor and outdoor pools, and other amenities.

Not to mention that the entirety of Chicago is at your disposal; consequently, instead of purchasing a plane ticket, you should consider taking a vacation in your own city.

4. Bring Attention to the Adaptable Cancellation Policies

As of right now, the world is a very uncertain place, and as a result, many hotels and flights may decide to cancel at the very last minute.

A lenient cancellation policy that gives customers the option to either reschedule or receive a refund should be made available by companies.

You don’t want to put additional stress on the guest by telling them they can’t get a hotel credit or be refunded because it’s not the guest’s fault that their trip may have been cancelled.

For example, some airlines, such as United and American, have more lenient cancellation policies than others.

Companies that allow customers more flexibility in changing or cancelling their orders typically have higher levels of customer satisfaction than competitors who are less accommodating.

Although it is true that many businesses compete with one another based on price, they also compete based on the quality of the experience they provide their customers and their reputation.

If your company has terrible customer service, it won’t matter how cheap your brand is to a lot of people how much they pay for it.

Southwest Airlines has one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the airline industry despite the fact that it is not considered a “luxury” airline (because it does not offer seats in either the first or business class), and this is because it does not offer first or business class seating.

This may be partially attributable to the fact that they also have one of the most accommodating cancellation policies in the industry.

5. You Can Work From Your Own Home… Or A Hotel

Why would you want to spend each day working from the comfort of your own home when you could work from a posh hotel or resort instead?

Businesspeople are being encouraged by an increasing number of hotels to ditch their slippers and Zoom attire in favour of more casual attire that allows them to relax in comfort while working from the hotel lobby or a nearby coffee shop.

Hotels have the opportunity to market themselves to people who work from home by providing free coffee or Wi-Fi to guests who come to their establishment.

Some of them even have specially designated workspaces that are neat and quiet, making them ideal for people who are unable to go into an office but whose homes may not be the most conducive environments for productive work.

It’s always nice to have something different to look at, and who doesn’t want to get out of the house every once in a while anyway?

Promote your hospitality company as an excellent place to work or even just to get together with old friends and talk about old times india top SEO companies.

6. Marketing based on influencers

Because of the incredible power that social media possesses, which has an impact on virtually every market in the world, you need to educate yourself on how to use it to the benefit of your company.

Influencers have completely taken over social media platforms, regardless of whether you like them or not.

When it comes to staying competitive with other businesses in the hospitality industry, influencer marketing has evolved into an absolute requirement.

Brands are able to reach a significantly larger audience (the greater the influencer, the larger the audience) and attract consumers who are more relevant to their products by utilising influencer marketing.

It is possible that partnering with an influencer in your industry could be one of the most valuable marketing tools you could use. This is due to the fact that the influencer’s audience trusts them, and that trust will transfer to your brand if you collaborate with them.

The #LetHawaiiHappen Campaign was a huge success because the Hawaii Tourism Authority partnered with a variety of popular Instagram influencers and encouraged them to post photos of themselves in some of Hawaii’s most popular (and beautiful) tourist attractions while using the aforementioned hashtag. As a result of this partnership, a large number of Instagram users posted photos of themselves in Hawaii’s most popular tourist attractions.

7. Content Generated by the Audience

Content that is created by users themselves, as opposed to content that is created by employees of the company, is referred to as user-generated content.

This includes testimonials and reviews, in addition to any other time someone makes a comment about a particular company (an online forum, like Quora, for example).

The question now is, how can you bring it about?

Always encourage previous customers to write reviews and share their experiences on social media with your company. This will help you grow your customer base.

You should come up with a hashtag, or several hashtags, and ask your customers to use them when they post about your company on social media (for example, see the hashtag #LetHawaiiHappen).

You could even try contacting the influential people we mentioned in the previous paragraph and urging them to check out your company and leave an honest review of their experience there.

If you run a reputable company, this can only work out for your benefit in the long run.

If you find that you have a lot of negative reviews, it is probably time to start taking those reviews into consideration and beginning making the changes you need to make in order to be successful.

8. You Can Buy Now and Pay Later

Along the same lines as the point made previously about making it simple to cancel reservations and avoiding charges for making changes, many people continue to feel uneasy about their current financial situation.

Recently, we have noticed a rise in the number of businesses that provide customers with the option to “buy now, pay later” in the hopes of luring them in and convincing them to make a purchase.

Because of this, the company will not miss out on any urgent appeals or promotions that they might be running, and the customer will have the peace of mind that they got the best deal without having to put any money down front.

An excellent illustration of this is the company Uplift, which has formed strategic alliances with a number of different international travel companies, ranging from cruise lines and airlines to vacation package providers, in an effort to kickstart the travel industry by enabling customers to “make thoughtful purchases now and pay over time…”

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