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How to make bigger vape smoke cloud

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There’s something about blowing a big vape smoke cloud that just makes you feel good. Maybe it’s the sense of power and control, or maybe it’s the feeling of being a bit rebellious. Whatever the reason, there’s no denying that vaping can be fun – especially when you can make huge vape clouds! In this blog post, we’re going to teach you how to make your vape smoke cloud bigger. Keep reading to learn more!

Increase vapor production

The first and most important tip for making your vape clouds bigger is to increase vapor production. You may have heard this before, but if you don’t produce enough vapor for the cloud to form properly, no amount of tricks will help you make it bigger.

Here are some ways that you can use to tremendously produce enough vapor that you won’t see who is approaching you in broad daylight when you exhale!

Increase your power settings:

Most modern dry herb vaporizers have adjustable power settings, so you should try blowing your clouds on the highest setting possible. If you’re not sure which pen has the highest setting, ask the person who sold it to you or read online reviews. Well, you can also opt for the easiest way which is definitely consulting your device’s user manual.

Increase your temperature:

Some people also suggest increasing your temperature for an even bigger vape cloud, but be careful with this one! Most vape pens have a temperature limit that they can handle, and at high temperatures, your vape pen could malfunction or even explode. Only work with very high settings if you know what you’re doing. You may also want to reduce your temperature if you’re burning the coil.

Fix a clogged vape:

If you’re not producing enough vapor, your device may be clogged with leftover residue from vaping. Be sure to clean your coils periodically to avoid this from happening! You can also try removing any e-liquid chamber attachments and putting them back on again to unclog your vape.

More surface area for vapor to form:

The second tip for bigger vape smoke cloud is to increase the surface area of the vapor that you draw into your mouth. The more surface area, the more vapor will be produced with each puff. If you use a sub-ohm setup (more on this later) and draw directly from the vape you’ll be able to produce larger clouds.

Take a long drag:

To maximize the surface area of vapor that is drawn into your mouth for a dry herb vaporizer, make sure you take a long and slow draw with your pen. This will ensure that all the vapor is being properly taken directly from your device.

Increase the heat retention of your material:

One way to produce more vapor is to increase the heat retention of your material so that it holds more heat. The most common way to do this is by filling your vape up all the way, which might decrease the flavour slightly but will definitely give you bigger clouds.

Increase your Air-flow:

Another option is to increase the airflow so that vapor gets made faster. If you have a mod with adjustable airflow, turning it on can help create bigger vape clouds quickly.

Use the right E-juice:

If you want to make your vape clouds bigger, you should also consider using e-juice that’s been specifically formulated for cloud chasing. These liquids contain ingredients that allow the vapor to stick together better and continue to grow.

Practice perfects your technique

Another way that you can make your vape clouds bigger is with the use of sub-ohm setups. These are more complicated than typical vape pens, but produce much larger clouds! If you’re interested in learning to make sub-ohm vape clouds, check out our blog post about vaping tips for beginners.

With a sub-ohm pen or tank, you’ll want to be sure that you’re vaping in the right settings. Many devices will tell you what power is safe for your vape, but typically anything that’s over 60W is fine. Once again, consult your device’s manual if you’re not sure!

Here are some tips to vape big clouds the right way.

  1. Empty your lungs so you can draw as much as you can before you inhale, exhale and then repeat
  2. Take very long slow draws with your vape device to ensure that vapor fills into the back of your throat before it dissipates. It’s better to take smaller hits than big ones in order to get bigger clouds.
  3. Do not use PG-based flavouring since they produce lighter clouds. Only use VG-based juices which produce thicker plumes.
  4. Take bigger puffs and wait for a while before you inhale again in order to get the biggest vapor clouds.

Here you have it! Now that you’ve learned how to make your vape smoke huge clouds, why not come check out our selection of delicious e-liquids?

Try a box mod

If you’re seriously interested in making monumental vape clouds, try upgrading to a box mod. These advanced devices can produce low or high-temperature vape, and they’re highly customizable.

Try different devices

If you haven’t found the right device for truly monstrous vape clouds yet, don’t give up hope! There are many options on the market, so you’re sure to find one that will work for your vaping style.

And remember, there’s no need to rush. Take your time trying out different devices to find the perfect one for you! If you take things slowly and practice regularly, you’ll be vaping impressively huge clouds in no time.

Don’t forget that we’re the vape cloud experts and we’ve got all kinds of secrets to help you become a pro vaper.

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