Things to Know Before Choosing Your Marijuana Fertilizer

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Before putting money down on a particular product, it’s essential to understand it. In the marijuana industry, silica, silicon dioxide, and potassium silicate are popular options. Although silica dust is not excellent for the lungs, it increases plant resistance to environmental stress and reduces susceptibility to pests. Here are four things to know before choosing your cannabis-specific fertilizer.


Choosing to grow your cannabis organically saves you from spending money on synthetic nutrients and pesticides. If you want to grow marijuana organically, try using ladybirds, which naturally eat mites on the plant’s leaves. Organic marijuana fertilizer is also more natural than synthetic nutrients, so you’ll have less to clean and can save yourself a lot of time in the preparation process. Organic marijuana fertilizer can include earthworm castings, compost, or manure, which you can incorporate into the soil to make it more fertile and reduce the need for expensive synthetics.

Fertilizers designed for marijuana are generally based on a ratio of nutrients. For example, fertilizers that target the vegetative phase contain more nitrogen than those focused on the flowering stage. Organic marijuana fertilizer can work with commercial NPK products to provide the right ratio of nutrients to your plants. Organic fertilizers can also be combined with soil microbes. This can result in a more balanced fertilizer. The best way to mix organic marijuana fertilizer is to combine commercial fertilizer with the one made for cannabis.


Using the proper nutrients and fertilizers is essential for optimal cannabis growth. The best fertilizer for your plants depends on how much effort you will put into your growing process. The best marijuana fertilizer can make a massive difference in the quality of your buds. !

It’s important to understand that cannabis fertilizers differ from traditional garden fertilizers. They contain microbial and chemical contaminants, so following label instructions is essential. Fertilizers and supplements that have been registered with the CFIA meet strict standards for safety and effectiveness. Marijuana fertilizers should be registered with the CFIA. For more information, visit the CFIA website.

Earthworm castings

In addition to providing nutrients, worm castings are an effective way to prevent the growth of unwanted bugs. They can be easily composted from kitchen scraps and will not burn your plants’ roots. Earthworm castings are a natural fertilizer for maximum plant nutrients. They will seep into the ground when you water your garden.

Using Earthworm castings as a marijuana fertilizer has many benefits. It will help speed up the growth of new plants, increase yield, and protect them from harmful root diseases. Worm castings are also chemical-free, which makes them an attractive option for organic growers. Marijuana has become one of the most profitable cash crops today, and using earthworm castings as a fertilizer will help your plants thrive.

Compost tea

There are three types of cannabis fertilizers: organic and inorganic. Organic fertilizer is a mix of organic material with microorganisms from compost, such as bacteria and fungi. Compost tea is a mix of organic material and compost that contains soluble nutrients. It is an excellent addition to a marijuana grower’s soil. Compost tea also introduces beneficial microorganisms to the cannabis plant, resulting in healthier roots.

Organic fertilizers contain a natural balance of nutrients and are environmentally friendly. They also have no synthetic products, making them an excellent option for growing organic marijuana. Some growers find that organic fertilizer enhances the flavor and yield of their finished cannabis. Because organic fertilizers are readily available, so they are also environmentally friendly. Growing cannabis is an art; the right fertilizer can be the key to success.

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