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How to draw a groundhog step by step.

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How to draw a groundhog step by step.

 How to draw a groundhog with this video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Animals for beginners and easy to draw for everyone. Hello everyone, welcome to today’s blog post. Today’s blog post is great, friends. I have provided dog drawings for you all in today’s blog post. I’ll tell you all how to pull the ground box in it. Although this drawing is very simple, I have always provided this drawing tutorial video for you all. This method of the drawing will be familiar to you all as you read this article. I mean, each step is explained in the next section below. Suppose you want to make this drawing. Then you should read this article carefully, and this tutorial video is given in the last paragraph below. With your help, you can make this drawing very easily.

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Step 1 Draw the groundhog with a light pencil.

So friends, let’s first make the shape of Sahi’s body and his face. You have to draw with a very light pencil to draw its shape. Because now we have started making drawings, we can easily delete them if there is an error. Friends, if you draw with a black pencil, if you make a mistake, it will dry out after erasing, so you can not draw properly. I hope you understand this step. Once you have understood this stepwell, read all the following steps to understand how you can do this drawing properly.

Step 2 You need to use the sketch / black marker to draw the face.

Now you will need a sketch or black marker to make this drawing. First, you need to use a marker to sketch the top of the poodle’s face. Be very careful. You have to sketch with markers. If you make a mistake in the contour, you need to repeat this drawing because you can not delete the highlighter.

Step 3 Pull the hand off the groundhog.

You have to stretch and draw the whole body by hand, guys. You have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. If you make a mistake, you should repeat this drawing. Beginners can also draw with a pencil and then use markers. I hope you understand this.

Step 4 Groundhog drawings are made.

So friends, now you need the shadow. It would help if you created a shape by sketching the light and making it more concealer to get started. To hide, it is darker than black. When we have blurred areas, we need to hide, and we need to use markers at the position of the illuminated area. You need to make sure that not all concealer comes out during concealer, even if there is a stain on it. Wipe at this point with a brush to enhance the painting. In the next section, you will get a video tutorial to improve your drawing skills by watching how to draw a groundhog tutorial.

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