Different Types of Keys – Lock Change

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At around the same time as the first locks, the first keys arrived in Ancient Babylon and Egypt. The keys were tooth-shaped, heavy, and thick wooden keys that were used to lift the little pins located near the bolts. “Lock Change

Iron and bronze were used by ancient Roman engineers and designers to build smaller, lighter, and stronger versions of these wooden keys and locks.

With modest modifications, the Skeleton Keys survived the fall of the Roman Empire and are still in use for homes built before 1940.

In the mid-nineteenth century, Linus Yale, Sr., and his son devised the modern flat keys. They’re easy to mass-produce and have become a global phenomenon. The following are some of the most common types of keys in use today.

The key to the transponder

The TA transponder key, often known as a “chip key,” is a type of car key that is frequently used. They communicate with the car using a radio transmission. They’re fantastic at preventing theft if the incorrect circuit code is used, and because they’re so difficult to replicate, no one can take your car by replicating your transponder key.

Some automobiles will immediately shut down if the wrong transponder key is inserted, lowering the risk of theft. Because it has a microchip that is programmed with the ignition code, the key will not be able to start any other vehicle.

These keys are not only expensive and difficult to cut, but they are also among the safest available. Because key-cutting machines are unable to duplicate these keys, a locksmith must be able to access a car manufacturer’s database in order to receive information about the car code and create a new key.Locksmith is a person who repair  and make locks. locksmith knows all the techniques about how to lock change.

Laser-cut car keys

While mechanically cut car keys have a similar appearance and style, they are significantly more precise and sophisticated, providing the owner with additional security. Because of the patterns and ridges cut onto both sides of the key, they’re also known as “sidewinder keys.”

This makes them far more difficult to imitate, which is a good thing. To duplicate this type of automotive key, a person needs to have access to specialised equipment. The end result is a one-of-a-kind key that no one else can make.

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The secret to the dimple

Dimple keys are less complicated keys that use dimples in the key to unlock a lock. The lock’s dimples will match the dimples on the key, which are cone-shaped. After the dimples have been properly aligned, you’ll be able to swiftly unlock the lock. Dimple keys are easy to use since the lock has two sets of dimples and the dimples on the key are arranged in the same pattern on both sides.

Key Valet

Valet keys are used to open locked car doors and start the vehicle for the owner. These keys have RFID chips, but they have been coded to prohibit access to other parts of the vehicle. With a valet key, you won’t be able to unlock the glove box, trunk, trunk release, or seatbacks, providing you with a great deal of privacy and security.

Many individuals have the misconception that valet and door keys are interchangeable. The door keys will only open and close the door, not start the car.

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