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Cleaning company or in-house staff

As part of the cleaning of the premises , companies opt either for the service of an in-house staff or that of an external service provider. T

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As part of the cleaning of the premises , companies opt either for the service of an in-house staff or that of an external service provider. Their choice is based on various criteria such as the number of employees, the image of the company, and the frequency of work. The cleaning agency SCS Group helps us discover the important points.

When to contact internal staff?

In a small business, the maximum number of employees is generally 50. With such a small workforce, the boss rarely chooses a spacious room, or a building divided into several rooms. Cleaning the premises becomes easier. In addition, the management of a company determines in advance the cleaning work to be carried out daily. Here, cleaning is limited to simple and basic tasks. Having an in-house staff is therefore the best option.

Why hire a cleaning company?

Unlike companies with modest structures, large companies employ many employees. To accommodate such a large staff, the employer uses fairly large premises. A large quantity of waste accumulates on the site because of the company’s activities. This kind of problem affects industrial companies. Sometimes, a company carries out specific cleaning work that takes place periodically. This concerns ventilation ducts and pipes.

For these various reasons, it seems more convenient to hire the services of a cleaning agency . Not only does this category of service provider mobilize a brigade capable of working at high speed, but it has more efficient tools and specific products such as antifungals and antibacterials. The client benefits from work that is both impeccable and fast. In addition, a cleaning agency offers prices adapted to the needs of each client according to the service. Finally, sometimes, this cleaning specialist adapts to the schedules and pace of its customers.

A cleaning company in the Australia

Working in Melbourne and its surroundings, SCS Group remains available all week. We offer our service to professionals in the tertiary and hotel sectors. We guarantee their satisfaction with the help of our 650 employees. Our customers benefit from a cleaning service which is divided into various tasks such as office cleaning, washing of inaccessible windows, waste management, cleaning of rooms and common areas. It also prepares us to carry out specific work such as marble crystallization, thermoplastic stripping, and the application of shampoo to your carpets. For the hotel sector, we offer services other than the actual cleaning. These include room service and breakfast service.

Its ecological approach also distinguished our company. This initiative is reflected, for example, in using eco-labeled cleaning products. In addition, we choose our partners and suppliers based on their commitment to the environment. The Federation of Cleaning Companies rewarded this desire to preserve the ecosystem.

SCS Group , a quality-conscious cleaning company

Since our creation in 1995, we have made excellence a priority. It reflects this quest for perfection today in using professional equipment such as the microfiber cloth, the mono rush, the cleaning trolley, the steam cleaner, and the vacuum cleaner. Always to ensure quality, we carry out regular checks on the work carried out by our surface technicians. We then transcribe the results in an activity report that we make available to our client.

Cleanliness contributes to a company’s reputation. As a result, the leader pays particular attention to hygiene. For a company occupying a small workspace, we recommend it employing in-house staff. Those who use a larger room can always count on the services of an external cleaning company. It is always possible to combine the two options.

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