How to determine the price of a professional premises maintenance service?

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In the life of a business, the costs allocated to cleaning are part of the expenses to be expected. As a result, it becomes essential to adopt a tariff that is both profitable and efficient. However, the choice on the price of the cleaning service depends on various parameters, in particular the needs of the company, the service requested, the material means and the characteristics of the price. The cleaning agency provides details.

Assess your needs first

As part of the maintenance of its premises, a company must a priori take into account its permanent and occasional needs. These factors will depend on human resources and logistics. The extent of dirt and clutter depends on the number of users. Unlike a site with little traffic, or occupied by some individuals, one that receives a large number of personnel quickly finds itself in a disastrous state. This, therefore, implies daily cleaning.

The sector of activity of an establishment also influences its cleanliness. In an industrial company, for example, a large quantity of waste accumulates in the room.

Besides attendance and area of ​​expertise, a reason related to presentability determines the choice of company on the conduct of the household. This trend particularly concerns commercial establishments. For the latter, cleanliness is a guarantee of credibility because of permanent contact with customers. As a result, a cleaning session takes place regularly within the professional premises.

Choose the most suitable cleaning service

After having identified their needs, company managers have the possibility of defining the type of service that will be carried out on their sites. Those who opt for daily cleaning prefer routine professional cleaning. Done inside the building, this task includes basic work such as airing rooms, cleaning surfaces, dusting furniture, washing windows, and removing cobwebs. In this sense, the company will ask the cleaning service provider to come every day. We can carry out the work before the opening of the premises or after its closing.

Specific and thorough cleaning characterizes periodic or occasional cleaning. This includes the sweeping of pipes and ventilation ducts. Customers can then set the frequency of cleaning. The price varies according to the cleaning procedure, the task, the number of people mobilized, and the time to be spent.

Consider cleaning equipment

Depending on the needs of the company, the materials and products used vary for each task. These include the microfiber cloth, the mono-brush, the cleaning trolley, the vacuum cleaner, and the steam cleaner. Most of these accessories are suitable for professional use. In addition, they are subject to periodic recycling. The company’s budget allocated to their purchase represents a substantial sum. In addition, the current context requires the use of cleaning products that meet cleanliness and environmental standards. This is the reason some companies offer the services of specialists externally. Their offer includes human resources and tools at the same time.

Always compare cleaning offers

On the internet, many cleaning companies reveal various cleaning prices depending on the service offered. Before deciding on the offer to take, it remains preferable to compare each proposal according to the price, the number of services included, and the flexibility of the contract. It is also necessary to refer to various indices, including the remuneration of a maintenance worker. Admittedly, its hourly cost is equivalent to the legal minimum wage. It can increase according to the level of competence and the specificity of the service. In terms of hourly rates, the costs differ from one sector of activity to another: hospital sector, commercial sector, hotel sector… it is always possible to request a cleaning quote from service providers.

In order to take advantage of a better offer, hiring a cleaning company presents itself as an ultimate task. You must first know your needs and the periodicity of the work. The cleaning contractor should also consider the type of tools to be used when servicing the business premises. Finally, it is strongly recommended to compare prices.

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