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Business Class Seat Who has the most suspicious one

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This year’s winner of the “Most Spacious Business Class Seat” award is…

Singapore Airlines, which now flies to Sydney, Melbourne, London, Paris, Tokyo, and Hong Kong with the A380, without a question. With 34 inches of width and 78 inches of length, these are the most spacious Business Class seats. Every seat has aisle access thanks to a 1-2-1 forward-facing design. The B777-300ER fleet is already equipped with these seats.

As well as that.

Even though Singapore Airlines has the largest business class seats for the time being, there are other airlines to consider.

Cathay Pacific’s

A350 Business Class seats have a 1-2-1 arrangement with a 45-inch seat pitch and a 20.2-inch seat width. Cathay Pacific’s A350 has 38 Business Class seats, each of which reclines completely flat for a 75-inch bed length.

Malaysia Airlines

Under the strain of the totally flat-bed trend, Malaysia Airlines added a business-class seat that reclines fully 180 degrees and has a 50-inch seat space between them. Seat pitch on B777s can be up to 75 inches. When it comes to legroom, certain B747s provide up to 58 inches. On the A380, 74-inch wide seats are available.

Nippon Airlines

The business class seat on Japan’s All Nippon Airlines (ANA) is 62 inches long, 21 inches wide, and reclines 180 degrees.

Thai Airways

The Thai Airways A380-800 Royal Silk, which has been in service since September 2012, features a flat bed, a 74-inch seat pitch, and a 20-inch cushion width. The business class flight cabin is decorated in pink and grey tones, with mood lighting and, wonder of wonders, a 1-2-1 seat layout that is private but not isolating. Expect a footstool with storage below for your belongings.


The Skybed in Qantas International Business Class is almost flat, with a recline angle of approximately 170 degrees. This indicates that your body is not horizontal, even though it is flat. The position of your head and feet will be slightly different. When fully reclined, it is 78 inches long and over 24 inches wide, with a curling cocoon headboard for added privacy. With a 180-degree flatbed and an extra 20 inches of legroom onboard the A380, everything changes.

Air New Zealand

The seats on Air New Zealand are significantly longer than those on Singapore Airlines, measuring 79 inches in length but only 22 inches in width. 1-1, 1-1-1, and 1-2-1 are all possibilities.

British Airways

On British Airways, seats are arranged in pairs, with people seated next to and diagonally opposite one another. The armrest flattens out flush with the bed as the seat back goes down into the horizontal position, giving you a few extra inches of elbow room in the new BA Club World chairs. This allows for a width of 25.25 inches. In a 2-4-2 seating configuration, only the middle two seats, which are paired together, face the same way. The breadth and length of a business class flights are 72 inches and 20 inches, respectively.


On Emirates’ A-330 and B-777 aircraft, “sleeper Ette” fully-flat seats with lumbar support and electronically adjustable footrests are available in a 2-3-2 arrangement. When fully reclined, the seats measure 78 inches. Seat pitch is 88 inches, and width is 18.5 inches, which is slightly less than competitors.  Most Emirates planes are equipped with exterior cameras that provide close-up views of take-offs and the scenery below while on the move.

Qatar Airways’

Despite the fact that Qatar Airways’ seats are only 19.6 inches wide, they have a comfortable 60-inch seat pitch and lots of legroom. The overall length is 78 inches, which is the same as Singapore.

Etihad’s Business Class

The space between seats in Etihad’s Business Class is 72 inches, which is the most in the industry. 73 inches in length and 20 inches in width are the other measurements.

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