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Best places to visit in New Zealand

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The Kiwi experience is extraordinarily popular with explorers hopping on transportation to partying incessantly. For those in need of a quiet life, the Magic Bus might be a better option for their opponents. I for one lived it in New Zealand and would have liked to have stayed much longer than the month and a half delivered to me. Here are my best and most beautiful places to visit in New Zealand…To learn more about Top 10 best places to visit in INDIA then click here.

South Island 

Christchurch is the largest city on New Zealand’s South Island and for those who haven’t started your tour in Auckland, you’re probably about to land here. It is a beautiful and well-maintained city, when you stroll through the streets you feel as calm as the city.

 It will also feature other Rugby World Cup games a year from now. I would suggest The Poet on Avon which is an exceptionally energetic bar where you can drink, eat and watch any sport.

Plenty of inns and accommodations are accessible that make convenience easy on short notification – ideal for hikers. You’ll track down a pile of former taps in the city. 


is a humble community on the east coast of the South Island, about two hours north of Christchurch. is a natural life darling dream, there’s a spectacular coastline, extraordinary scenery and plenty of Maori and European history to explore.

The biggest attraction is the ‘whale watching’ that it offers, you can decide to take a boat tour or even take a flight. The last option is certainly not a trivial option yet has loads of tomfoolery.

Mount Cook

After Christchurch, the one-stop must be Mount Cook (Aoraki), the highest mountain in New Zealand at 3,754 meters (12,316 ft). The more adventurous can climb the mountain or go on a guided tour that will take you exceptionally close to the mountain.


is a small town in the north of the South Island, it is practically in the focal point of New Zealand.draws in many expressions and artworks beloved and constantly holds an arts festival.

There are some beautiful views here and some fascinating attractions yet my main justification for suggesting is Happy Valley Adventures. They offer a guided ATV 4 wheel quad cycle tour, ride the Just Skywire Flying Fox of the world and paintballing. I went on a quad cycle tour and the view from the mountain is staggering.

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For true adrenaline seekers, Queenstown will be their ultimate destination. Almost every outrageous sport you can imagine is accessible here and the global hotel attracts individuals from all over the world who need to skydive, bungee hop or snowboard.

Queenstown works around Lake Wakatipu, a long small lake that forms like a lightning bolt and interfaces with the Shotover River. The Shotover River is currently home to the Shotover Jet, an unimaginable and extraordinary vehicle that moves in sync with the surface of the waterway. Fly drivers try to get as close to the edge of the bluffs as possible which is a lovely hair-raising experience.

Moke Lake

It is a peaceful place yet utterly charming and you can set up camp here if you want to absorb the exquisite pristine scenery in a few days. 

Lake Tekapo

I loved this place and part of my best memories of my New Zealand trip is being left by the beautiful immaculate lake and waking up and watching the morning.

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