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7 things to know before hiring a car overseas for an international road trip

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You’ve decided where you want to go, and you’ve probably even booked your tickets and accommodations. It’s now up to you to determine if you want to explore on your own or if renting a car is even possible where you’re going. It’s fortunate for you that you can rent a car almost anywhere. However, certain eligibility requirements and restrictions may differ. Your eligibility may be influenced by factors such as your age, licence type, and rental car company. “kayak tour

Obtain your certification.

Examine the prerequisites for a foreign driver’s licence and insurance. Depending on the country, your U.S. driver’s licence may be accepted or an International Driving Permit (IDP) may be required. A valid United States driver’s licence, for example, can suffice in several European countries.

Make a policy.

Insurance is usually included in automobile rental contracts, but it can be costly at times. When renting a car abroad, we recommend that you purchase insurance. However, check with your current auto insurance to determine if you’re already protected while travelling. If you intend to hire a car using a credit card, check your card’s policy to determine if insurance is available.

Your auto insurance must meet the minimal standards of your destination country, and it’s preferable to buy coverage that’s comparable to what you have at home. Even if your current auto insurance covers you internationally, it may not be as comprehensive as you think. Whatever insurance you choose, make sure it includes liability coverage. Finally, if you want to go to multiple countries, be sure your insurance covers you in all of them. 

Examine all of the possibilities.

Here are some suggestions to consider.

  • If you reserve your car ahead of time, you may be able to get a better deal. Furthermore, if you travel during peak season, your choices may be limited.
  • Look at package deals; renting a car while booking flights and a hotel may be less expensive.
  • It’s easier to book and pay ahead of time. Use our Payment Type filter to see all of the possibilities for making a payment right now.
  • Use a trustworthy travel agency to make your reservation. In our search results, look at the agency’s rating to see if other travellers thought it was a nice (and reliable) experience.
  • Make sure you understand what you’re getting for your money. Charges for a range of things are sometimes added by rental car providers.
  • Make certain you rent a vehicle that can accommodate all of your passengers. When searching, use our capacity filter to narrow down your results by the number of people who will be travelling with you.

The rules must be followed.

Make sure you understand the rules of the road before setting off on your international trip. Knowing the fundamentals, such as which side of the road to drive on, speed limits, and how to read basic traffic signs, especially if they are written in a language you don’t understand, is key.

When you pick up your automobile, inquire about any country-specific driving requirements you should be aware of, whether they are laws or simply local advice. Before leaving on a vacation, drivers can obtain a copy of the country’s unique overseas driving legislation from the embassy or consulate, foreign government tourism offices, or the rental business.

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