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Tower Heist Movie Story, Cast, Producer and Domain

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This is a decent film about Robbery and was produced by directors X-Men: The Last Stand (2006) and Rush Hour 3 (2007). The film follows a group of employees who live in a luxury apartment. They create a scheme to rob their rich employer following learning that an employee was stealing funds out of the corporate pension funds. This is surely an extremely exhilarating Robbery films available on Netflix at the moment.

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Tower Heist Story:

Tower Heist is a film released in 2011 American Heist comedy movie

Tower Heist started production in the year 2005, and was based on an idea from Murphy which would feature him and an all-black ensemble of comedians in the heist group that robs Trump International Hotel and Tower. The script grew and evolved to become an Ocean’s Eleven-style caper, Murphy left the project. Ratner continued to refine the concept, which was eventually to be known as Tower Heist, with Murphy returning to the project. Filming took place on New York City with a budget of $75 million (after tax rebates) which included the use of several buildings through Donald Trump used to depict the eponymous tower. The soundtrack album and music score were written by Christophe Beck and was produced by Jake Monaco and it was released on November 1 on the 1st of November, 2011 through Varese Sarabande, Back Lot Music and Colosseum Records.

This film was met with mixed critiques by critics. The film received mixed reviews, but the majority of praise being given to the cast which included Broderick, Leoni, and Stiller. Murphy’s performance was often highlighted and critics felt that Murphy’s performance was a welcome return to his comedic style of his earlier career. A majority of criticism about its plot which critics described as “formulaic”, “rushed, “rushed”, and “dull “and “laborious”. The film premiered theatrically the 4th of November, 2011 on the United States by Universal Pictures which was a success, earning $152.9 million worldwide, based on a budget of between $75 and 85 million.

Before its release the film, it was embroiled in a dispute over plans of Universal Pictures to release it to home viewers through the internet via video-on-demand to the 500,000 Comcast subscribers within three weeks of its theatrical debut. Concerns about the effect of the new system on ticket sales and causing other movies to adopt the same strategy, led to some theater chains refusing to screen the film at any time if the idea was implemented, resulting in Universal to rethink the plan.

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Where to Watch Tower Heist?

You Watch Tower Heist on Netflix

Is Tower Heist a Good Movie?

Yes Tower Heist is very good movie.

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