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Why should you choose B.Com as your career?

B Com Banking And Finance Colleges In Karnataka

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The bachelor of commerce or B.Com is a graduate degree designed to excel in studying and learning various subjects like industrial policies, economics, finance, business administration, and accountancy. The course equips one with problem-solving, communication, and analytical skills to identify the issues and source of information to find practical and efficient solutions.

After completing B.com, students can go for diversified P.G. opportunities such as International Studies, Law, M.com, MBA, Merchandising, designing, economics, finance, MBE, etc. All these will make them different from the crowd and prepare them for success in the global marketplace. After pursuing B.com, you have many academic options after completion and quickly get some profit-oriented opportunities.

The industry will take the students at par with students with degrees such as Hotel Management and BBA and a higher platform from the reputed college. Most of the students search for the best Bcom Hons colleges in Bangalore. Let’s explore more about the reason to choose B. Com as your graduation course.

Reasons to choose B.Com –

  • More employment opportunities:-

In most career sectors like social services, public affairs, administration, and education master’s degree is now replaced with a bachelor’s degree as a minimum requirement. In an earlier era, a bachelor’s degree could only help you secure entry-level jobs such as academic adviser, student co-ordinator, and admission counselor. Holding a graduate degree is not the only way of getting ultimate success, and this will help you open various doors of employment. You can rely upon B.com to get good employment opportunities after completion.

  • Better career advancement

Earning a graduate degree such as B.com is proof of intellectual prowess, determination, persistence, and ability to handle all challenging environments. All these qualities are well enough to fulfill the posts of director and manager. The employee who has demonstrated success in the long term will require leadership, discipline, director positions, and the ability to work with various people who will rock in their growth opportunities within the organization.

  • Wide job profile

The B.com graduate can choose to do the job in various options available to them. It depends upon the interest area and caliber like Development Trainee, Economist, Stock Broker, Tax accountant, Junior analyst, Sales Analyst. It has no shortage of job opportunities for skilled and knowledgeable professionals.

  • Wide job areas

After completion of B.com, a student has vast choices in various fields where they can explore their inner talent. The job areas for the B.com graduates in Educational Institutes, Business Consultancies, Industrial houses, Policy planning, Public account firms, and banks. Like foreign trade, inventory control, marketing, working management, merchant banking, investment banking, and various option you can explore.

  • High salary

Because of comprehensive job profiles, most of the job areas are explored. Most commerce graduates will earn a handsome salary where salary will depend on the department. Candidates who have experience of a few years might get high pay. The wages depend on the organization and job type where the student decides to select the career option. This ranges between ten thousand to twenty-five thousand every month for fresher. The average salary of C.A. is 5 lakh to 10 lakh per annum.


Choosing a B.com degree as your career is one of the best decisions you will make in your life. If you want to go for a wide range of career options, then you can pursue B.com as your career. Pursuing B.com from a reputed college will help you flourish in your future. A college name plays a significant impact in hiring. Most of the students search for BCom banking and finance colleges in Karnataka. Finding the right college will help you to grow more in the future.

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