Why is hygiene important in offices?

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In the workplace, employee comfort depends on various conditions, including cleanliness. The latter particularly influences the state of mind and health. It is also a determining factor in a company’s reputation. The employer handles hygiene in the office. The employee has his share of responsibility. Cleaning company in Australia, explain the importance of the safety of workplaces.

The cleanliness of the office determines the well-being

Since hygiene affects morale, it remains essential to maintain cleanliness in the workplace. A healthy environment guarantees the concentration and productivity of the employee. Through a survey conducted reports that hygiene has a positive impact on the performance by 85% of Australian employees. In addition, 80% of respondents believe that cleanliness reduces stress. Still, according to Ipsos, hygiene and cleanliness are favorable conditions for motivation and atmosphere in the professional environment.

Cleanliness in the office is a necessity for health

Besides contributing to the morale of the worker, cleanliness in the office influences his health. The British organization Health and Safe Executive points out to this effect that negligence in terms of hygiene is at the origin of various diseases. It reflected this carelessness in the infrequent use of cleaning products. The resulting pathologies are, however, the main factors in a high rate of absenteeism.

Office hygiene guarantees the reputation of the company

Vis-à-vis the customers and the competition, they reflect the credibility of a company through its presentability. The latter depends on various criteria, including cleanliness. This is the reason a minimum of hygiene is essential within the premises, especially in the offices. This initiative also responds to the Labor Code, which requires the employer to maintain professional cleanliness within the premises.

This desire to give a good impression and to comply with the law leads employers to collaborate with cleaning companies. These cleaning professionals have staff capable of working as a team and material resources that meet hygiene and environmental standards.

Hygiene in the office is a responsibility of the employee above all.

The cleanliness of the workplace is part of the employer’s commitments; the employee must, however, show a minimum of effort. These are simple everyday gestures. Not only does this attitude help the occupant of the office to be better organized, but it also facilitates the cleaning staff. Either way, it saves time and allows you to work in a peaceful environment.

Office dusting

The worker should be in the habit of regularly dusting the equipment and furniture he uses regularly: screen, keyboard, mouse, photocopier, chair, and table. It thus limits exposure to bacterial infections and device malfunctions. Indeed, the accumulation of dust speeds up the spread of dust mites and the failure of electronic accessories. In this sense, the use of a cloth or chamois remains the best option. Dusting must be followed by washing with antiseptic products.

Office storage

Besides cleaning the accessories, storage is also necessary. This initiative cultivates a sense of organization. The task then consists in carrying out sorting in order to separate the most recent documents from the oldest. You will need a double compartment trash can, a locker, and a filing cabinet for this. You can also use a storage box for your pens, pencils, and letter openers.

Preventive actions

In terms of prevention, the employee must worry at the same time about his health and that of his collaborators. In case of illness or injury, he will take precautions that will reduce the risk of contamination. These include: covering your mouth and nose when sneezing or coughing; putting a bandage on your wound; washing your hands regularly, especially after defecating…

Undoubtedly, office hygiene meets medical and psychological needs. It is also a major asset to the reputation of the company. Therefore, regular cleaning must take place in our office or workplace. We should consider cleanliness a habit and not an obligation.

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