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What Problems We Face Before Redesigning A Website ?

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Is your website obsolete? Are you changing positioning or strategy? A redesign is an essential project in your digital strategy and to be successful it must not neglect any aspect, Digital Marketing Agency Mohali Chandigarh whether technical or marketing. Several signals tell you that it’s time to rebuild your site:

1. Your site is poorly referenced and your traffic does not increase

What is the point of keeping the exact same website if traffic stagnates or decreases? Admittedly, traffic alone is not enough to justify an overhaul, but it is still a good indicator. A decrease in traffic may indicate a decrease in the interest of your visitors who no longer have a satisfactory user experience. The redesign is then the perfect opportunity to improve it, in particular by offering richer content and thus appearing on the first page of Google for the keywords you are targeting.

2. Your bounce rate is too low

Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors to your website who leave after a single page. Bounce rate is closely scrutinized when analyzing a site’s performance. The bounce rate is considered as:

– Critique 90%

– Low 75%

-Average between 40% and 60%

– Overall satisfactory, or at least within the norm around 30%

As you will have understood, if your bounce rate is too close to 80% or even 90%, rethinking the content of your different pages as well as the tree structure of the site can solve this problem.

3. The performance of your site is insufficient

The loading times of your pages are too long and affect the experience of your users. Not only are people likely to stop browsing your site, they will also be reluctant to return. To be better referenced, your site must be technically up to date. This is why the optimization of web performance will justify a redesign of the site. If you want, you can check our tips to improve the loading speed of your Wordpress site.

4. Your site is not secure

Since 2017, Google algorithms have been promoting https sites. This is logical because a site that has adopted a more secure protocol guarantees a better browsing experience for Internet users. If your site is still in http, it’s time to update it.

5. The design of your site is outdated

Your site conveys your brand image, your values. But over time, design and ergonomics may have taken a hit; sites from the early 2000s, for example, will be perceived as outdated compared to those from 2017. Your customers, suppliers and partners may also tell you about the lack of modernity of your site. Giving new impetus to the design and organization of the pages will positively improve your brand image.

6. Your business approach has changed

Since you launched your site, your business positioning may have changed over time. You may also want to capture new markets and new customer segments. The current design, Web Development Agency Mohali Chandigarh architecture, ergonomics, tree structure or content must then be reviewed to ensure that they correspond to your new business development strategy

7. Your site is not responsive

Your web pages are displayed incorrectly on mobile phones or tablets. Knowing that since 2016, Internet connections by mobile phone have recently surpassed those of PCs. Another strong figure on this point is that there are 5 billion mobile users in the world and more than 3.4 billion use them regularly to surf the Internet.

8. Your web agency has disappeared…

Many web design agencies have experienced significant economic and financial turmoil over the past few years. Some have even closed their doors. If you find yourself in this situation, know that a redesign of your site is strongly recommended to redo everything rather than using the development code used at the time. It is much easier in this situation to start from scratch than to try to fill in the gaps here and there.

How to redesign your website?

The implementation of this large-scale project begins with the search for a competent service provider who corresponds to the specificities of your site and your company. In order to support your choice and, subsequently, to supervise the project from A to Z and the relations between your company and the service provider, it is essential to draw up specifications. In addition, a successful redesign should not neglect any aspect.

Technical, SEO, content, content, conversion path, you must first analyze your performance, detect weaknesses and then define the specifications of your new site.

Step 1: Audit your current site

A redesign is an essential project in your digital strategy. Before setting goals, you must first analyze the existing site through an audit of your website.

This audit will include 4 main parts:

– Navigation audit: do your navigation menus allow you to easily guide the user to the pages that meet his needs?

– A conversion audit: does your website allow you to achieve your lead generation and conversion goals?

– An SEO audit: is your site fairly well referenced on the keywords you are targeting?

– Technical audit: does your site meet the technical optimization criteria (loading time, responsive design)?

By using Google Search Console and Google Analytics, you will be able to see which pages are performing well and which are generating low results.

Your audit will also allow you to assess the relevance of your conversion journey and your user journeys. Knowingly, you will choose to optimize some pages and merge others.

Step 2: Choose your CMS

A CMS is a content management system that allows you to create and publish content online without using HTML programming. WordPress is the most widely used in the world but there are different solutions.

Depending on your goals and your expertise, it is important to choose the right CMS. It’s also important to make sure you have control of your CMS. Be careful because some providers offer proprietary solutions that will prevent you from modifying your site as you wish.

Step 3: make HTTPS changes

Take advantage of your redesign project to increase the level of security of your site. You will be a winner because your visitors will be able to browse your site with confidence. And, Digital Marketing Agency Mohali Chandigarh additionally, transitioning your site to https will give you a boost from Google for your SEO.

Step 4: Define your redirect plan

The redirect plan is an essential step for a successful site redesign. If you change your site’s URLs and you don’t plan for a redirect, you will lose everything in terms of SEO :

– You will lose all the search engine traffic you have painstakingly acquired, until your new URLs are indexed.

– Your site will lose the benefit of all the backlinks that point to it, which will also result in lower search results.

To establish a redirection plan, you must proceed in stages:

– List all your URLs.

– Set your new URLs.

– Create your redirect file

Step 5: Follow your redirects

The absence of redirects is very detrimental to your site. It is therefore not enough to plan your redirects. Once you’ve implemented them, Digital Marketing Agency Mohali Chandigarh follow up to make sure your visitors are redirected correctly.

On Google Search Console, go to the “Crawl” menu and click on “Crawl errors”. This will give you a list and details of URLs that Google was unable to crawl. And you can fix errors that appear by redirecting your redirects.

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