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What are the things to look for on streaming laptops?

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When it comes to choosing the ideal laptop to stream live it’s all about the kind of work you’d like to accomplish with it. Are you planning on streaming light indie games such as Stardew Valley (no shade, I am a huge fan of this game!) or something more graphically demanding such as Metro Exodus? Do you intend to use your best laptops for live streaming? While you can enjoy reliable gaming and streaming performance from laptops priced under $1000 however, you’ll need to take a close look at the components. There’s no need for a massive GPU for games such as Fortnite. My dear friends. It’s all that matters.

GPU What’s interesting about this GPU is the fact that it is unable to be replaced and upgraded at a later time, so you need to be extremely careful what you select because this part will determine the speed at which your computer plays games. The good news is that you don’t require the top of the line for reliable gaming performance. It’s the GTX 1650. GTX 1650 is an entry-level GPU that is reasonably priced and reliable enough for gaming at 1080p with moderate to high graphics settings. However, you can anticipate lower frames for more recent games. If you’re seeking a little higher performance, we suggest using a GTX 1660 Ti or better or a newer RTX 30 series GPU.

These choices not only provide fast GPU or CPU power, but a few of them are also lightweight enough for travel. We’ve also considered different budgets in the back of our minds.


Similar to the GPU CPU, it can’t be upgraded, which is why you’ll need to choose yourself. For Intel, We recommend the 11th generation Intel Core i5 or an i7. For AMD you’ll need to consider an AMD Ryzen 4,500 or 4000. A processor with at minimum four cores is ideal however six or more cores is more desirable.

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You’ll require a minimum of 8GB of RAM. If you are able to spend the money for 16GB, you should go for it. Memory is usually upgradeable which means you can switch it out and then increase it later.


Storage affects the number of games and apps you are able to install on your laptop. As with RAM, storage can be upgraded and can be upgraded in the future. However, you should strive for at minimum the 512GB limit of SSD storage and an external hard drive, since AAA games tend to take up lots of space. SSDs are able to load games quicker because the data are stored in chips, not spinning disks.


1080p at 60Hz refresh is the minimum requirement. In terms of size, it’s an individual preference. If you’re streaming and working with several windows, I’d suggest choosing something bigger like 17 inches.

Battery longevity:

Generally speaking, gaming laptops are known to have bad battery life. This is because they consume an enormous amount of energy. They are also larger than the other models due to the fact that they require more room for cooling and heatsink components. Based on the type of use they can last anywhere between four and six hours on one charge.

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