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Tips On TOEFL Writing Practice For TOEFL Test

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TOEFL is one of the mandatory tests if you want to study or work abroad, especially in an English-speaking country. In the TOEFL test, there are four sections: Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing.

TOEFL test takers usually avoid preparing for the TOEFL writing practice because they are terrified. This is a huge blunder if you give up without trying. The Integrated writing challenge is a difficult one, but it is achievable. Simply follow these suggestions, and your score will rise!

 1.Understand The TOEFL Writing Structure

In the Toefl writing section, you also need reading and listening skills. The reading portion of this exercise is the first step. You will have 3 minutes to read approximately 250–300 words. The author will address a certain academic issue in the paragraph and then provide three significant points that provide more specifics or supporting facts. 

In your essay, you must be able to identify and paraphrase the topic and the author’s three main ideas. Chcek Toefl writing sample questions.

2.Take Excellent Notes In Shorthand

As previously stated, your essay should focus on summarizing the lecturer’s (counter)points. As a result, it is critical to take excellent notes while listening to the professor. 

You will only have one chance to hear the lecture! The key points of the lecture should be understood and remembered. You should improve your listening skills by practicing with some test materials before taking the TOEFL exam.

 While reading, jot down the passage’s topic and the author’s three main points in the correct order.

 3.Use a Template

For the TOEFL Writing section, the TOEFL test judges will require you to follow a precise framework. So, the best advice is to do TOEFL writing practice from home and come prepared. You must include four paragraphs in your essay: an introduction and three body paragraphs.

Only three or four sentences should be written in the introduction. Declare the topic of the reading material and lecture in the first sentence. Then, based on the reading passage, write the author’s opinion on the topic. 

Next, describe the lecturer’s opposing viewpoint on the subject. Finally, state that the author and the speaker have three primary points to back up their claims.

 4.Don’t Copy the Reading Passage

The structure of your Integrated Writing essay and the structure of the reading passage should be identical (4 paragraphs: 1 introduction and three body paragraphs). 

 After the lecture, the reading passage will resurface for your reference, but do not copy from it! Always remember that the question asks you to summarize the lecturer’s remarks. So, only write one sentence on the author’s key point in each paragraph.

 Also, do not plagiarize the reading material when writing about the author’s stance. Make sure you paraphrase the author’s views in your essay rather than replicating them word for word.


It can be challenging to correct the Integrated Writing essay on your own. Refer Toefl writing sample questions and try to solve it by yourself. If you need someone to review your practice essays, you can enroll yourself in Chhundu Training Institute who will fix your errors and provide you with an estimated score and thorough feedback on how to improve. 

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