Startups That Will Change the Gate Folder Industry for the Better

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The startup community is abuzz with new ideas, but there are several startups that will change the industry for the better in 2018. Listed below are five startups that you should follow in 2019. These companies are creating products that make life easier for everyone – including gatefolders. Some of the startups are Watu, Comet Health, Contalink, and Stownest. Read on to find out how they’re changing the industry and what they’ll need to do to succeed.

Comet Health

Coming up on the heels of Slack, Axolo creates a “war room” for pull requests. It creates a Slack channel around a particular pull request, allowing engineers to work together without having to switch back and forth between internal chat and Github. The service is free, though it will charge $8 per engineer per month. Ananya Health is a startup that is working on a portable medical device. The startup focuses on cervical “pre-cancer” and aims to prevent it.


If you’re in need of a gatefold for your business or have one in mind, here are some startups that are changing the industry for the better. Upgrade your standard gate folder to add a soft touch or matt laminate for a luxurious finish. Second, for example, helps small businesses aggregate their data and metadata. They’re targeting small businesses and YC startups, and they’ve already made $40,000 in ARR. However, these startups aren’t the only ones working on gatefolds.


These startup companies are changing the way we use and distribute our gatefolders. Instead of being confined to the paper and plastic folders we’ve been using for years, they’ve brought them together in one platform. Using artificial intelligence, these software programs find and keep apps ready for users. Not only does this save time, but it also allows users to gain knowledge and focus on business goals instead of worrying about where they’ll find the app they need.


Here are three startups that are transforming the gate folder industry. Repool, for example, aims to become the AngelList of the hedge fund industry by connecting companies to suitable locations for offsite meetings. Taking a small percentage of the bookings can save a company a lot of time and money. Founded in 2015, it claims to have booked 45 events worth $200,000 so far.


As the name suggests, Secoda is a data discovery platform that makes data discovery easy and collaborative. Most employees have no idea what data they have, where they can find it, or how to use it. Additionally, they often don’t trust the data they find. In most companies, different components of data are gathered using fragmented tools. To address this problem, teams have begun using Secoda, which allows teams to manage data dictionaries, charts, and documentation in a single, centralized platform.

If you are looking for a stylish gate folder for your business, Dawn Printing is the right place to be. These high-quality envelopes are perfectly crafted with perfectly designed pockets. They are perfect for presenting product information, contracts, and price lists.  And if you want to go one step further, spot UV varnishing is an option, too.

Startups That Will Change the Gate Folder Industry for the Better

The gate folder looks and functions like a gate. The three-panel design consists of a stable center panel and two panels on either side that open like doors. These two panels are often equipped with a single pocket in the center. This makes them ideal for organizing all of your business’s materials. Alternatively, you can use them to hold your business cards. And for a little extra security, a gate folder is designed to last for years.

The gate folder is one of the most commonly used folds. Its structure is similar to the gatefold but differs slightly. Instead of folding the outside edges inward, the inside panels are folded outward. The result is a symmetrically-sized booklet. And it’s perfect for displaying photos and other items that you want people to see. But if you’d like to save time, try using a gate folder when making your next project.

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