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How to Renew Medical Card Online in Pennsylvania

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Your MMJ card is expired and now it needed to renew. Here we shall discuss the process involved to renew the MMJ card in Pennsylvania.

In July 2020, it was decided that the MMJ card renewal process is not integral for PA inhabitants to continue the program in Pennsylvania. But the card holders must pay their yearly MMJ card charges through the patient portal. The other thing you should do is the renewing of your certificates with an experienced physician in the state.

When the MMJ Card is Required to be Renewed

The Health Authority will send you a chat sixty days before your Identification and patient admittance expires. It will depict that it is the time for card renewal. A chat will also be sent to you thirty days before the expiration. This will indicate that your fee is unpaid. And you have to pay it to Health Department online.

How you can Renew the MMJ Card

The MMJ card renewal process involves four simple steps. You can easily renew your card by carefully following all these steps.

Steps Required for Renewal of MMJ Card

Here we will discuss the step-wise processes involved in the Renewal of Medical Card Pennsylvania.

1) Continuously Check your Chat

Before your MMJ card expires, you will be informed. A chat will receive to you sixty days before the expiry of the card.

Thirty days before you will receive another chat. In this mail, it will be stated that your $100 fee is unpaid to Pennsylvania Health Department. And the complete process of paying your dues will also be explained in it.

2) Book an Appointment with Doctor

In the renewal process, it is integral to renew your medical certificate and patient Identity by consulting your physician. So you need to book an appointment with your physician to consult whether you still need to take some dosage of MMJ or not.

The Medical Doctor in Pennsylvania will carefully examine your disease and your health condition and will recommend whether you need to take further dosages of MMJ or not.

Here it is to be noted that it is not necessary to consult a similar doctor as you diagnosed before. You can book an appointment with a physician of your own choice.

3) Pay Dues at Patient’s Portal Online

Open your patient portal account, which you created previously, of the Department of Health. Check out all the requirements in the account that should be similar to your Driver’s license or National ID.

Now, pay annual card dues of $100 or the reduced fee if you are a medical insurance holder person. The reduced fee for medical insurance holder person in PA State is $50. You can pay this amount by using your debit or credit card.

It would be better to pay your dues before the expiry date of your card to avoid any inconvenience.

4) Check the Mail-Box

After you have renewed your patient’s ID and certificates with an expert physician and paid your yearly dues, now your task is completed.

You just have to wait for two to three days. The Health Department will print the updated MMJ Card and will send it to the address which was mentioned in the patient portal. An issuance date will be mentioned on the new card that will be just after the expiry date of the previous card.

Check out all the information printed on the card is correct. If some information is printed wrong you can claim it by sending it back to the Health Department’s official address.

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