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How to draw a bird

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Create a wonderful bird drawing with easy-to-step instructions and a video tutorial. Ideal for children and beginner artists! There are different bird species around the world. The birds are common locations in our backyard and also in our art. Over the centuries, various species of birds were used in art to represent freedom, peace, wisdom, and a whole series of human emotions. Would you like to draw your flying bird? You can now follow step by step after this simple drawing tutorial.


You may also enjoy using a rubber chewing gum to correct the errors and have tools on your fingertips for your finished drawing, such as pencils, markers, or crayons.


Each step is shown using a detailed image. The new strings added in each stage are underlined in blue, while rows are shown in black from the last steps. Make sure you sketch the sketches at the beginning as they delete some of their first lines designated as guidelines. They are now ready to draw one, whatever the bird means for her.


Step by step instructions

Step 1

Start with a small circle. It forms the head of the bird.

Step 2

Then join an irregular shape to the circle’s right with two curved lines that meet at a point. It forms the body of the bird.

Step 3

Spread two other curved lines over and under the point. Connect these lines using a curved line. It forms the tail of the bird.

Step 4

Expand a wing of the top of the body with two lines in the form of “S” wavy. The lines must complete at a moment.

Step 5

They extend two other curved lines in the head area that meet at a point. It forms the second wing.

Step 6

Delete the guidelines from the head, the base of the wing, and the tail.

Step 7

Draw the outlet with a series of curved lines. The outlet must form a point on the underside.

Step 8

Delete the guideline of the circle from the inside of the swab.

Step 9

Add flying springs to the left-wing by overlapping a series of “U” shaped lines connected to the bottom line of the wing.

Step 10

Delete the guidelines of the wing.

Step 11

Draw a series of connected “U” lines that extend from the right wing.

Step 12

Delete the guideline from the wing.

Step 13

Add springs to the tail by pulling a series of “U” precisely connected along the tail tip.

Step 14

Delete the guideline of the tail.

Step 15

Add the details of the springs to the bird. Draw a series of “U” lines parallel to the flying springs in each wing. Allow some of the “U” lines in the form of a connection and others to stay alone. Pull several curved lines on the torso of the bird. Draw slightly curved lines on the tail length.

Step 16

Draw a little circle in the centre of the head to make the eye and a point in the beak to form the nostril holes.

Step 17

Increase some short lines over the eye, forming eyelashes. Pull a big circle in the eyes and a smaller oval and a circle inside. Shade the area between the largest circle and the smallest forms.

Step 18

Draw a sequence of curved lines outside the tail to form the spice of springs along the leg. Underneath, pull a small closed shape to make the leg itself. They are lit under the leg with multiple small tears to make the toes.

Step 19

Draw several teardrop forms on the stomach row to make the other foot.

Step 20

Dye your flying bird. In the wild, the birds come in all rainbow colors, so be creative!

How to draw birds?

How to draw a bird

Simple and sweet to detailed birds, there is a good selection of bird drawing tutorials here. However, most of these tutorials are for beginners, but the last tutorial covers everything you know about creating a realistic bird. We recommend reading him, as it will improve all drawings of birds.

Simple bird

Simple drawing leaders are a reliable source for a good way to draw tutorials. Every step of this bird was illustrated with the help of a detailed image that causes a fabulous bird. Go to simple drawings to get the step for step tutorial.

Cute bird

A very basic and cute bird drawing is the ideal bird learning to draw. Children will love to create a covered drawing in these little sweeten.


Miss 6 Love Flamingos, so it’s a bird that should be recorded in this list! Learning to draw today shows me how easy it is to draw our own Flamingo.


The Peacock is a detailed bird that is worth the effort. This floor tutorial in every step in detail. You will end with a beautiful drawing from the body in the tail.


Draw a parrot in 6 simple steps! It is an excellent boot parrot that more details can be added later—the complete facts of tutorial and the search we attract in search of animals.


This drawing manual lets you draw a simple and fast owl in a very short time. It is perfect for children to learn to draw or use it as a base to expand themselves.

Detailed bird guide.

Sketchbook has detailed instructions for drawing almost all types of birds. The above is an example of the waterfowl (duck, goose, and swan) and is more detailed as one draws the face, the wings, and the feet. They cover all ostrich birds, parrots, and owls. If you enjoy learning how to draw realistic birds, this sketchbook tutorial is for you.

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