How to Choose the Best Bottle Packaging Option with a Box?

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Using top-notch packaging is essential to keep the bottles intact inside the packaging materials is a must to develop your brand reputation in the market by providing them the product in a way they expect. Here, we need to ask about the importance of keeping the bottles intact, whether you send them after receiving your online order or collecting them from a physical store. It is much more difficult to ship a bottle, for example, while comparing them with the package of clothes or cosmetic products. Here, some may claim that packaging is equally important for all products. However, we easily confirm that bottle packaging like 120ml bottle packaging is essential not for making the product prominent on store shelves but also for protecting the liquid inside the bottle. 

Another important point we need to discuss is the unavailability of a standard packaging model for bottled products. The reason is that manufacturers use different shapes, heights, diameters, and quantities to pack the liquid inside the bottle. Therefore, every packaging firm has to measure the bottle of every individual separately and prepare boxes like 120 ml bottle packaging boxes accordingly. So, we recommend developing a standard for different bottle quantities to help packaging firms get an idea about bottle packaging. 

So, if you produce bottled products and remain confused about the kind of packaging you need, follow the instructions given here. We assure you it will help improve your presence on store shelves and online.

Why need to be conscious of bottle packaging?

While talking about bottled products, these are more than our expectations globally. Almost all beverages and drinks come in these bottles. All types of oils, lotions, and other important beauty products also come in these bottles. Many other products can also be seen in these bottles. Therefore, it is essential to consider bottle packaging important not only for the manufacturers but also for the packaging firms.

Overall, a generic shape of bottle packaging boxes is used largely. However, new companies and top brands avoid using these bottles and try to come uniquely in the market. For that, they engage top-quality packaging firms. The designers of these firms help generate unique designs of bottle packaging boxes. These latest designs help develop a brand reputation because customers attract to these bottles due to the packaging boxes a manufacturer use.

So, if you are a manufacturer and use bottles for your products, it is essential to understand the competition in the market. When you complete your research, you may find that packaging can create a difference. Here, we recommend engaging one of the best packaging firms available globally and going for some unique packaging box ideas. You may think here that this packaging can be expensive. However, it is not so because top packaging brands help you achieve your marketing goals at the most affordable rates. Therefore, plan it now and start celebrating your brand reputation right from the first marketing phase.

Cardboard box for bottles

First, before placing a packaging order with your supplier, check their database where you record sales. Do your customers usually buy just one bottle or more than one? Are your deliveries by postal service/carrier (which requires more robust packaging) or is it a more local shipment to the same city (which local carriers can do)? These are the data that will guide your packaging order. Also, if you sell wine, for example, you can think of promotions to encourage your customers to buy more than one bottle at a time. That’s because six-bottle cases, for example, are easier to find.

What to consider

In addition to the box itself, the transport of bottles requires internal hive accessories made of cardboard. They help protect the bottles during the transport and storage process. In general, these accessories are also made of cardboard. The important thing is that they are a bit stiff to prevent the bottles from colliding with each other.

In this case, you can plan your order for boxes according to your customer profile: for two, four, or, in general, up to six boxes. And from there, you can make variable combinations by filling the boxes with bottles, honeycombs, and Kraft paper (if the box doesn’t fill up).

Choose the box manufacturer intelligently.

Finally, one last piece of advice: have a professional and reliable cardboard box supplier. Only the professionals available in the packaging firm tell you the best shapes and sizes to keep your product protected and stylish simultaneously. These packaging stores near me have experts who can answer all your questions and queries using their experience and skills. This way, they can help you complete your mission to market your products as a brand. More importantly, these packaging firms are at your disposal.

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