Black tea: A drink that boosts energy

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Black tea is one of the most popular types of tea. It is the most oxidised kind of tea as compared to oolong, green, or white tea, and it is made from the plant ‘Camellia Sinensis.’ After water, tea is the world’s second most popular beverage.

The popularity of black tea stems from its strong, powerful flavour and lengthy shelf life. Before tea was considered a beverage, it was used for therapeutic purposes, and it gradually gained popularity, not only because of its flavour, but also because of the health advantages it provides.

CTC Black tea is a good source of antioxidants, which are important for keeping the body healthy. Green tea and black tea have certain similarities in terms of health advantages, but scientists have differentiated between the two.

Interesting facts about black tea

  • True teas are divided into four categories: white tea, green tea, oolong tea, and black tea.
  • True teas come from the same plant species, Camellia sinensis, in all four varieties.
  • The variation between these teas is due to the manufacturing procedure. Some teas are sun-dried, while others are oxidised. Minor variations in flavour and colour result in significant variances in flavour and colour.
  • China is the origin of black tea, which is known in China as hong cha – red tea – after the crimson colour of the tea it often produces.
  • Black tea is generally categorised into one of four quality levels. The greatest whole-leaf teas are graded “orange pekoe,” while the best whole-leaf teas are graded “orange pekoe.” The scale diminishes after the whole-leaf teas to broken leaves, fannings, and dusts.
  • Whole-leaf teas are made without altering the tea leaf in any way. As a result, the end product has a rougher texture than bagged teas.

How do you shop for the best black tea for that instant refreshment?

Black teas from Darjeeling, Assam, and the Nilgiris are popular choices all across the world. However, with so many options, it’s easy to become perplexed. However, follow the instructions below to learn how to select and purchase black tea online or from a local tea shop.

  • Make sure the dry leaves are free of dampness and off-notes.
  • Tea leaves that are long, well-rolled, and tippy are said to be of higher quality.
  • Infusions should have vigour and brightness.
  • If you want a light black tea, choose one from the spring or fall harvest. 
  • Check the summer black teas from Assam and Darjeeling if you enjoy a robust black tea.
  • If you enjoy your black tea with milk, go for the traditional method.


The best way to enjoy best CTC tea in India is to drink it straight. Adding milk, sugar, cream, and syrups raises the calorie count and may diminish the nutritional value. If you’re concerned about your health, you should also avoid ready-to-drink teas and iced teas. These tea drinks are thought to be less healthful. As previously stated, black tea offers several health advantages, ranging from diabetes control to lowering the risk of heart disease. However, due of the negative side effects, it is recommended that you consume it in moderation. Before including black tea into your diet, speak with your doctor.

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