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5 Simple Tricks To Maintain Your Air Conditioner Health

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An air conditioner (AC) is the most essential appliance during the summer season undoubtedly. Sometimes, the temperature rises too much which leads to humidity and if AC doesn’t function properly it becomes bothersome. 

There are some easy tasks that can be performed by us in maintaining an Air Conditioner which does not require any professional help. Though, if there are technical issues we should surely make a call for a split ac servicing technician. It is important to ensure that the air is fresh as the air conditioner, if not clean from inside may lead to respiratory problems prominently asthma. 

Air Conditioner works on an HVAC ( Heating, Ventilating, and Air-conditioning ) system. There is a heat pump that functions both as a heater and a cooler. The working depends on the interior ( evaporator and blower ) and exterior ( condenser coil and compressor ) units.

It should be remembered that less the energy it uses, the more it would run efficiently. So, it should be a person’s priority to maintain the Air Conditioner from time to time which will save time and money! And save you from spending extra maintenance costs. 

Here are a few tips for maintaining an AC:- 

1. Wash and clean the Air Conditioner filter:

Cleaning air filters is important as they ensure that the room’s air quality is good and prevent dirt and dust from entering the room. If they have clogged dust particles in excess, it affects the functioning of the Air Conditioner.

There are two types of filters; one is reusable and the other needs to be changed. The filters should be cleaned once a month. If the AC is used frequently, it would be exposed to dust and in that case, most probably they are changed every two months. 

2. Air Conditioner Coils: 

Coils are also an important component as they help the refrigerant to absorb the heat and give cooler air. But with time dust particles can settle in the coil if not cleaned which can degrade its property of absorbing heat.

This will put a strain on the coil and the machine needs to work harder to give the cooling effect. The dirt first needs to be cleaned from the external unit. To clean the dirt inside the coil it should be brushed away and if additional dirt is there it should be washed with slightly soapy water. It should be ensured the area around the condenser unit should be cleaned to keep the Coils clean.

3. Examining the air conditioner thermostat:

The thermostat should be in proper working condition as it maintains the home temperature. It totally saves your money and time as it will never allow the AC to spend extra energy.

You can set the desired temperature beforehand guests are about to arrive and it will cool down the house. For a better experience, you should switch to a new version of the same and discard the old one.

4. Examining condensate drain:

It is important that the water should drain out timely and not clogged in. At home, we can try and unclog the drain by passing a wire inside until the blockage is removed. Sometimes this clogging can also be due to bacteria due to the moisture trapped inside also you can contact Ac Repair in Coimbatore technicians to get it fixed.

5. Check the air conditioner condenser unit fan:

The cooling effect can also be reduced if the blades of the fan are in an improper shape. We can check this at home simply by turning the power off.

When you are going to buy new blades it should be kept in mind that they fit the condenser unit. Also, if you cannot repair the blades yourself   you should call a professional to check the internal faults. 

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