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Why Do People Want Halal Food?

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Have you come across the term Halal takeaways near me? You may have heard a lot of debates about it, but few people truly understand what Halal food is and the health benefits it provides. The Quran defines Halal as permissible. When an animal is slaughtered, the blood, pathogens, and all poisonous waste are completely drained from its body, making it simpler to digest. “Halal” refers to any activity or conduct that is permissible under Islamic law, as well as the proper method of slaughtering animals for food. 

The Quran and Sunnah provide instructions on how to slaughter a Halal product. However, Zabiha does not define or include what is Halal in any significant sense. It’s just one aspect of how or whether an animal is slain. A pig or a human can both be slaughtered, but neither is allowed for consumption in Islam. Likewise, ‘zabiha’ contains no mention of eating blood, tainted meat, witchcraft, or corpses, all of which are forbidden in the Quran and Sunnah.


1. There are no growth hormones

Farmers frequently feed animals various substances that are haram (forbidden) in Islam to accelerate their growth and give them sufficient nutrition. Animals should be free to graze and not treated with pesticides for Halal food, however when we consume this livestock, all of the toxins enter our bodies – and you know what happens next.

2. Antibiotics are not used

Antibiotics are widely utilised in the meat industry, posing a significant health risk to humans. Farmers have been urged to avoid using antibiotics, according to BBC News. The biggest issue is that if humans consume these antimicrobials or antibiotics through meat, their bodies may develop antibiotic resistance. Antibiotics are not used in Halal food, and only healthy foods are consumed.

3. Contains no preservatives

Halal cuisine is devoid of preservatives. Food preservatives can cause chemical changes in the body, including the formation of various cancer-causing chemicals, as well as block red blood cells, stopping them from delivering oxygen.

4. Some Halal Beliefs

The Halal food sector is expect to expand in the next years for a range of factors. The most important of which is that the worldwide Muslim population is expected to increase by 2.2 billion in the next ten years. The term “Halal” refers to more than only the preparation of food. All of the following must avoided by anyone who truly desires to follow Halal guidance:

  • Blood in its liquid state is not consume.
  • We should not use alcohol, which is considered Haram by Muslims.
  • We should not consume an animal that has died due to natural reasons.
  • Animals that have been beaten or murdered must not be eaten.

Moreover, you are not permitted to butcher an animal in the presence of another. Furthermore, the animal is butchered by hand so all of its blood must drain from its body. All pollutants and bad microorganisms remove from the body, and our health is not effect. 

5. There Are No Harmful Toxins Or Chemicals

Muslims believe that slaughtering animals using the Halal technique is both cleaner and gentler than other procedures. The purpose for draining blood from the body is already examine. Furthermore, because the Halal slaughtering process releases less stress hormone, the meat of the animal causes fewer health problems in humans when consumed.

6. Seafood is not always halal

Another intriguing point to ponder is that while all seafood is Halal, animals that can live on land and in water are not. Frogs, for example, are not Halal because they may live in both water and land, while fish are. Shellfish’s legal position is still up for discussion. Some people believe it is Halal food, while others disagree.

7. The Halal Option

Although many advocate for people to eat only Halal foods, there is no such law. No one can compel anyone else to consume what they desire.

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