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What to Do in Nandi Hills?

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Nandi hills are also known as Nandidurg. It is a hill in the fortress which is in the south Indian state of Karnataka. There is Tipu sultan fort, a summer retreat of an 18 century ruler, stone carvings and wall paintings are also available here. During Tipu sultan era, prisoners are said to be thrown to their death from Tipu’s drop which is now known for its panoramic view.Among the many Hindu temples in the area is the hilltop yogic Nandeeshwara temple, which is guarded by a massive bull statue known as Nandi.In traditional belief, the hills are the origin of Palar river, Penna river, Papagni River, Arkavathi river. Tourists prefer to watch the sunrise here.


Many stories about the origin of the name Nandi Hills have been made. During the Chola period, the hills were earlier known as Anandagiri which means The Hills Of Happiness. The name Nandi Hills was given because it might resemble a sleeping bull. Another reason might be that the hill gets its name from an ancient 1300 year old, Dravidian style temple, and for the Nandi meaning bull, the statue is situated on the hills.


Nandi hills were traditionally impenetrable and a storming place. Army of Cornwallis on 19 October 1791 one of the notable incidents of the first war against Tipu Sultan of Mysore.


Horticulture is setting up one crore food court. A stage has been set up of worth 30 lakhs which is located on a three and a half acre grove which has been used to conduct cultural programmes. 140 acres of land are being developed by the horticultural department.

Things to do:

Tipu’s drop:

This drop is at the height of 600m on the Nandi hills.it also provides a historic past, as it is said that prisoners were forced down from this cliff to their death. The frequent falling of leaves on a windy night represents the fear and scream of these prisoners.

Bhoga nandeeshwara temple:

This temple is situated on the foot of This hills. The temple is fully dedicated to Bhoganandishwara and Yoganandeeshwara.

Tipu’s summer residence:

The palace was built by Haider Ali and completed by Tipu Sultan and was used as his summer resort. It was also named by him as Tashk-e-Jannat which means the envy of heaven.

Paragliding in Nandi Hills:

Paragliding over these hills and valleys you will get some most memorable experiences here.

Cycling to Nandi Hills:

Given the landscape, terrain and the altitude, tourists can have the most enjoyable cycling or biking experience at hills.

Yoga Nandeeshwara temple:

This temple is built by cholas, the temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Two Dwarpalakas guard the doors of the temple which is situated on the top of the hill. 

Amrita Sarovar:

This Sarovar is a major source of water supply in the region. The lake of nectar as it is called has been formed by perennial springs.


the cave is situated near the Nandi Hills which is a perfect spot for people who seek silence and solitude. Hence, it was used by Sage Ramakrishna Paramahamsa for his meditation purpose.

Shopping in Nandi Hills:

during your shopping in Nandi Hills you won’t be able to find many options. But still one can head to the nearby city of Bangalore for many countless shopping options.


People living in Bangalore discovered the natural beauty of a hill which is located close to the main city. It is a small beautiful town which is just 60 km away from Bangalore and it has emerged as a perfect weekend getaway for the people. It is a popular historical place which is home to a number of temples, monuments and shrines. The hills are based on the height of 4,851 feet above sea, Nandi Hills is the former summer retreat of Tipu Sultan. One can trek to Channagiri to go for a day or two, you can also go to Horagina Betta, both are located too near Nandi Hills. In the January and in August/September Pongal.

Tourists like to travel to Nandi Hills in September, October, November, December, January and February to enjoy the celebration. Even in March , April, and may is preferred time as the weather is mild offering slightly higher temperatures with breezy air. June , July and august is the off season for tourism.

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