What is the Best Tyre Type for Your Motorbike?

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Selecting the right type of tyres for your motorbike is a tedious task and requires a certain level of research as tyres are one of the most vital parts of a motorcycle. It is necessary to install correct type of two-wheeler tyres as using tyres that are not according to your usage and riding style may prove to be risky.

If you are basically a street rider then go for quality street tyres since they provide better grip over the vehicle in wet as well as dry weather conditions and tackle all type of hurdles in uneven rides on tough roads.

If you need more traction, then you should go for two wheeler tyres in India with softer rubber. Race tyres permit for cornering at sharp angles, allow high speed and acceleration but wear out sooner and take more time to warm up for optimal grip because of the softer rubber. Race tyres are not suitable for street rides or daily usage as they require longer time to warm up, and don’t have any tread pattern for traction on uneven road surfaces.

More Mileage

If you are a travel freak and need more mileage then you should go for tyres with firmer rubber as the hard rubber lasts longer. You can also buy tyres online in India at cheaper prices from the top tyre manufacturers.

If you wish to travel over the hills from the highway and then explore roads full of gravels and dirt, you should consider buying dual sports tyres as they give better grip over gravel, sand and slush, and also work well on tarmac.

If you love to ride off roads, then you should install off-road tyres as they have a sport twisted design and are made especially for off-road rides in rough terrain. However, off-road tyres do not offer good handling on tar and wear out sooner under acceleration and braking on tarmac.

To conclude, tyres with good grip offer better speed, acceleration, handling and smoother rides. Hence, it’s a good idea to know about your riding style and road type to get best tyres for your motorbike.

Right Type of Tyre Give Comfortable Ride

Tyres play an indispensable role in providing a safe and pleasant ride. Comfortable bike ride is all about durability, mileage and smooth vehicle handling at high and slow speed.

It is also one of the key components of bicycles and motorbikes, as both rely on it for better balance and road grip.

There are several types of tyres, which bike tyre manufacturers manufacture as per the need of the Indian roads. It is essential for one to choose the appropriate tyres for bike.

Some of the stipulations of motorcycle tyres are discussed below:

  • Off-road Tyres: This kind of tyres are designed for rough road usage. It has the twisted design and is protected with rim to resist it from spiralling on the rim in irregular areas.
  • Cruising Tyres: It offers outstanding grip on every kind of roads, particularly during the wet weather circumstances. In addition to strong grip, it offers super control on constancy of the ride.
  • Touring Tyres: This sort of tyre is mainly designed for long distance journeys. It offers smooth ride with good stability and best driver control.
  • Tubeless Tyres: Currently, it is one of the most favoured tyres; since it comes with superior safety features such as it retains less heat and remains well linked with the rim. In addition, it never explodes when the tyre gets punctured.
  • Tubed Tyres: This kind of tyre is more suitable for daily ride and it is simple to repair. It assists to maintain proper balance of the tyre pressure, as low air pressure can lead to damage and that might end in risky rides with poor grip.
  • Race Tyres: It gives excellent acceleration from a standstill point. In addition, it offers high sharp turns and speed turns, along with abiding racetrack usage.
  • Sport Tyres: This kind of tyre is designed for power packed performance on road and its radial model offers better grip. This results in improved handling while riding, even on rocky roads.

However, now-a-days motorcycle tyres manufacturer focus mostly on producing tubeless tyres, since it has become more trending. These tyres come with huge technology and several other benefits.

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