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What are the features of Hadoop?

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Hadoop is the most demanded software that helps in storing and processing a large amount of data efficiently and effectively for an enterprise. It permits the assembling of various systems from multiple locations for analyzing the results of the databases. Moreover, it is open-source and is easy to use the software. If you want to learn more about this software, then you should enrol in Big Data Hadoop Training in Noida which will make you proficient in entering the industry. Moreover, it offers building blocks that help in building other applications.

Let’s discuss the features of Hadoop in-depth:

Features of Hadoop:

Hadoop holds a large amount of data coming from various sources in an organization. This software is very helpful in handling big data smoothly. This is the most powerful software in the IT industry. So, there are some of the major features of Hadoop such as follows:

  • It is open-source software. Furthermore, this software provides free of cost for inspection, modification, and analysis. It helps enterprises to change the code according to their needs and requirements.
  • It is a scalable platform for a large organization for using the data. A huge amount of data is stored and distributed among various systems. Furthermore, it authorizes the enterprise to run applications on different nodes.
  • This software avails the replica creation that controls the error. Moreover, if the system in a cluster goes down, it is easy to use data on the other computer. It constructs each block on multiple machines depending on the replication factor.
  • It ensures the high availability of the data in unfavourable conditions as well. Even, it is easy to access the data in the hardware failure from multiple available paths.
  • It consists of low-cost nodes and solutions provided by Hadoop. Also, you can store a large amount of data about an organization. The developers don’t need any license for using Hadoop.
  • The data is stored in a distributed fashion. However, MapReduce provides fast parallel processing in the Hadoop framework.
  • Hadoop can operate the unstructured data effectively. This inbuilt feature helps the users to analyze data of different formats and sizes. It makes the work in an organization efficient.
  • The users don’t need to work and handle the distributed data. The processing of the data gathered is handled effectively and efficiently by the framework.

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Hadoop is the most demanding and highly paid software in the industry in today’s time. Now, the data plays an important role in running the business and gaining insights into the performance and market. This software consists of three storage layers for data such as HDFS, MapReduce, and Yarn. If you want to grasp the professional knowledge of the software for future growth in IT specifically, then you should enrol in Big Data Hadoop Online Training to imbibe the practical and theoretical knowledge in detail. The salary offered to the candidates in this field is high with the time all over the world. Therefore, it is easy for developers to inspect massive data parallelly.

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