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What are the advantages of Piping Design Course?

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Piping design is one of the significant processes of engineering projects and process plants. In addition, this process is responsible for covering the designs of piping and layout of equipment in chemical, hydrocarbon, and petrochemical industries.

Advantages Of Piping Design Course

Doing a piping design course ensures that you get to gain a clear approach and understanding towards piping layout and engineering. Moreover, it helps you in making various out-of-the-box decisions and delivering smart answers that help in growing a plant’s productivity and efficiency. In addition, Piping engineering is a very crucial issue related to any plant design and has widespread positions in business regions.

This is an expensive and time-consuming process necessary for production and chemical plants. The piping layout requires high accuracy and precisions and therefore, businesses can’t afford any mistakes in it. Various chemical production and manufacturing industries require highly trained piping design engineers for establishing piping structures. Thus, making it one of the most promising careers in the current and upcoming era. Piping Design Training in Delhi is beneficial for civil engineers, Petrochemical engineers, Draftsmen, mechanical engineering, and students who wish to understand PDMS thoroughly. Given below are some of the job titles available for professionals in piping design.

  • Lead Engineer
  • Designer
  • Stress & Support Engineer
  • Material Engineer
  • Field Engineer
  • Commissioning Engineer
  • Layout Engineer

Roles & Responsibilities Of A Lead Piping Engineer

A lead piping engineer needs to have detailed information about all areas of piping engineering. In addition, they should also have good management skills as they need to plan various day-to-day activities and are responsible for delegating tasks. Moreover, they need to regularly have a check on piping valves and vendor drawings and data. Above all, a lead piping engineer needs to actively participate in the development of package specifications, construction specifications, project schedules, and project planning. Many institutions provide Piping Design Training in Gurgaon and one can enrol in them to start a career in it. Apart from these, given below are some of the responsibilities of a lead piping engineer.

  • Managing various activities related to piping engineering and planning deliverables on projects.
  • Maintaining industry codes and standards along with work instructions and project standards.
  • Conducting overall schedule for piping engineering along with managing efforts and budget.
  • Working with the project manager and scheduling various issues relating to the project.
  • Planning any activities related to testing or inspection that are associated with piping and equipment packages.
  • Responsible for conducting quality reviews like checking discipline and inter-disciplinary.
  • Maintaining coordination with the lead engineers to ensure smooth information flow throughout the project.
  • They need to organize leading designs along with layouts and 3D model reviews.
  • Preparing reports for feasibility studies is also one of their major responsibilities.

Software Tools For Piping Design

  • Smart 3D – Smart 3D is a product of Hexagon PPM and is a data-centric, rule-driven solution that helps in delivering mission-critical requirements. In addition, it comes with all the features and capabilities necessary for delivering mission-critical requirements.
  • PDMS – It stands for Plant Design Management System and it supports reusing of designs from incorporated components. In addition, users can easily customize it and it comes with various multi-user characteristics.
  • PDS – PDS stands for plant design system and it is a popular 3D model piping program useful for engineering companies. In addition, it runs on windows and is compatible with most of the 3D party modules and hexagon software.
  • CADWorx – It software tool runs on AutoCAD or BricsCAD platform and includes BricsCAD. In addition, it comes with a complete package of powerful and adaptive tools that enable the quick and easy creation of fully intelligent 3D plant models.
  • AutoPLANT – It runs on AutoCAD and is an object-based 3D piping design and modeling application. In addition, it facilitates auto plant piping, Auto PLANT Equipment, Auto PLANT I&W, and Auto PLANT P&ID along with Auto PLANT AutoIsogen.
  • AutoCAD – This software tool is beneficial for adding 3D models, including piping, equipment, support structures, generation of isometric, and orthographic drawings. In addition, it comes with solid mesh modeling characteristics.


Piping design is an important aspect of engineering projects and process plants. Piping design course helps an individual in having a clear approach and understanding towards piping layout and engineering. It offers good career opportunities as professionals in it are highly required in industries. In conclusion, piping requires the use of some software tools like CADWorx, AutoPLANT, AutoCAD. Etc.

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