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What are the Advantages of an Online B2B Travel Portal for Travel Agents?

B2B Travel Portal is an online booking engine and an essential part of every travel company. It offers a white label solution for travel agents and tour operators to gain access to real-time online bookings and availability through the best user-friendly booking engine platform.

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B2B Travel Portal is a white label online booking engine that offers real-time online bookings for hotels, flights, cars, and other travel products. In order to increase sales even further, the B2B travel portal allows travel partners to establish a network of sub-agents.

The B2B travel portal helps travel agents and tour operators make the best decisions when booking hotels, flights, and other services. It enables them to efficiently serve customers with the best pricing and inventory. It also enables travel agents to improve customer satisfaction and increase sales. 

Here are a few B2B travel portal features to help travel agents grow their businesses smoothly. 

Complete booking management 

B2B travel portal is a strong and adaptable booking engine platform that allows travel agents and tour operators to book tickets in less than a minute. Booking management enables agents to change dates, change names, process cancellations, and so on. 

With the partner login entry, travel agents and sub-agents can also view the travel services provided by tour operators. When making a reservation with a real-time fare, they can find all of the services listed in the centralised system. 

Automatic reservation and confirmation 

Booking a flight or reserving a hotel room takes time. Travel agents can easily access inventories, book tickets and hotels, and rent a car using a b2b solution. Furthermore, agents can manage multiple vendors and inventories from a single platform. 

It is also worth noting that this travel portal provides real-time access to net rates and supplier availability. Invoices are generated automatically for every booking or cancellation made by customers, saving a significant amount of time. 

Collaboration with a global travel service provider 

Travel agents benefit from their affiliation with a global service provider. It enables you to provide your customers with a one-of-a-kind experience. You can integrate with the GDS, third-party APIs, accounting, and human resource management software using the right b2b software to provide customers with a seamless experience. 

Data access in real time 

The primary advantage of the B2B travel portal is its ability to integrate various APIs for flights, hotels, cars, and buses in order to provide real-time inventory. The cost of services can change by the hour, and real-time inventory tracking allows you to monitor, search for, and offer the best price to your partners or customers. 

Providing sub-agents with authority 

The B2B travel portal’s sub-agent system gives sub-agents or consolidators complete control, allowing them to provide tailored services to their customers. 

Sub-agent management enables travel agents to grant B2B logins to all sub-agents and their employees. It aids in the establishment of commissions, discounts, and markups for various sub-agents. The parent agent will have complete control over the access of the sub-agents and can also change the markup for each agent. 

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The travel industry’s future is built on digital-first strategies. Travel service providers should prioritise focusing on the needs of travellers and doing so through a modern B2B travel system. 

B2B technology can assist travel agencies in developing a robust marketplace. The enhanced digital experience enables the company to attract new customers. 

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