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What are the 6 types of kitchen layouts?

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For most people designing the layout of a home is a difficult task. It is even more complicated when you are trying to design the layout of a kitchen.

So you need to know the different types of kitchen layouts that are available. The kitchen is the heart of the home. That’s why it’s very important to have a kitchen layout that will make the kitchen functional and pleasant in your home.

Some of the factors that can influence the kitchen layout are the size and shape of the room. The number of people who will be using the kitchen, your cooking or baking style.

If you’re looking for kitchen layouts then this blog will cover what are the 6 types of kitchen layouts. Some of the reasons why you might want to change the layout of your kitchen.

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Galley Modular Kitchen Design

The galley kitchen layout is a narrow kitchen with two facing rows of cabinets separated by a passageway.

This kitchen design is very efficient in terms of space utilization and can be suitable for your apartment or townhouse.

Base cabinets can be made with heavier materials like hardwood to match the look of the countertops. While upper cabinets on either ends should be lighter in color to contrast with the darker base cabinets.

Taller cabinetry can house large appliances such as a range hood, oven, dishwasher and fridge to give it a tidy appearance without getting cluttered.

The passageway makes walking between the two rows safe rather than having high or protruding floorboards accidentally poke the chin of petite individuals who are walking side-to-side in between them.

Open Modular Kitchen Design

Adding an open modular kitchen just steps away from the living room almost feels like adding an additional room of sorts to your home.

With this style, you get a lot more space to spread out and not feel isolated from everyone else.

In an open concept kitchen, one can still have guests come over and enjoy spending time with them in the company of family members.

It’s almost as if conversations and food are all cooked up together. This design doesn’t isolate you from being part of the whole shebang and that’s what makes it so popular among most Indian homes.

These days, the people want open kitchens never want to live without again!

Open Modular Kitchen Design

L Shaped Modular Kitchen Design Layout

The L-shape or island kitchen layout is the ultimate in design flexibility. Because it can be altered to fit almost any square footage or unique configuration. This style of kitchen has become increasingly popular all over the world.

One of the most important things to keep in mind when designing an L-shaped kitchen knows that it’s a space where you can really let your creativity run wild!

U Shaped Modular Kitchen Design

U-shaped kitchens are very practical, efficient, and roomy. They feature a central island that is fully equipped with appliances and cabinets, freeing up more space in the kitchen by removing any unnecessary clutter surrounding the island.

U-shaped kitchens utilize a layout which frees up lots of space because you don’t have to worry about traffic flowing from side to side or restricting foot traffic as much.

Galley kitchens or L-L-shaped kitchens might find it harder to achieve this effect because they require a lot of longer floor strips for use of the sink and fridge.

U-Shaped modular kitchens have many advantages like being easier to clean than other layouts because all of your food will be within easy reach at all times!

U Shaped Modular Kitchen Design

Straight Modular Kitchen Design

Straight modular kitchens are old-fashioned but that is what makes them so convenient and easy to use. These kitchens ensure one has enough space for all their accessories and other functional elements.

We understand that a lot of people like to stick to the basics when it comes to decorating because it’s easier, but often these simple layouts can make cooking and dining too boring and difficult!

But with this kitchen, you’ll have the best of both worlds – uncomplicated yet classy decor just as one would expect in a stylish country home with roomy accommodations for everything you would need in your home kitchen without having to compromise on functionality.

Parallel Modular Kitchen Design

The custom modular homes that we design today are the answer to all of your kitchen problems. The ones you may have had in the past or those that you anticipate having in the future.

No longer do homeowners have to hide their kitchen away and allow it to eat up precious space simply. Because there wasn’t any better option available at the time.

We are now able to create a parallel modular home model for your family that uses a series of modules. Each one anchored precisely into place by either a wall or divider, thus leaving ample room for movement.

The light coming from the windows or doors helps bring life into this remodeled house and easily. Becomes an area where people congregate during meals and parties.

As a result, your overall house is much livelier due to this little change.

Parallel Modular Kitchen Design

FAQS related to what are the 6 types of kitchen layouts

Which kitchen layout is the most functional?

The L-shaped kitchen layout is extremely popular because it effectively maximizes given square footage and adapts to almost any sized room.

The ironic thing about the name of this layout it’s that it doesn’t include an L-shaped design seeing as the kitchen layout features cabinetry running along two adjacent walls, forming diagonal lines through the kitchen.

What is an ideal kitchen layout?

If you have the chance to choose between a galley-style kitchen and a U-shaped layout, you are probably wondering which one will save you more space.

Both of these layouts have advantages and disadvantages, but first, let’s examine what they are.

Where refrigerator should be placed?

The fridge should always be located within arm’s reach of the kitchen bench where ingredients can be prepared easily and promptly.

One can place their bundle of ingredients on the bench for safe keeping, rather than letting them roll about freely or only briefly placing them in a drawer or cubby hole.

This will make life easier for both you and for your guests as everyone goes about their food preparation activities at ease.

What is the kitchen triangle rule?

When you are designing a kitchen it is crucial that one of the main features is drawn on properly and correctly.

You will utilize this space to either cook or store food so it is vital that you get the right amount of room.

You will not be able to store or cook in an area with too little or too much space which is why kitchen triangles are measured according to three main factors.


There are many types of layouts that are used in the kitchen. These layouts are generally determined by the size of the kitchen and the appliances that are to be used there.

The three most common kitchen layouts are the galley layout, the L-shaped layout, and the U-shaped layout.

The galley kitchen layout is the most common layout as it is a simple layout to use. The L-shaped kitchen is a little more complex, but it is still a very popular layout.

The U-shaped kitchen is the most complex of the three layouts and takes up the most amount of space. We hope that you enjoyed our post about What are the 6 types of kitchen layouts.

We know that you want to create the best kitchen space that you can, so we hope that this information will help you define your kitchen layout.

If you want to get more information read other blog post on our website.

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